Stilton’s Christmas Toon

This is the Hope n’ Change cartoon we waited nine years to write.

2017_12 23 Stilton's Cmas toon

Thanks to jolly old Saint Trump and his happy workshop of GOP elves, Christmas came early for people who pay taxes, people who want jobs, people who don’t want to be fined if they can’t afford Obamacare, people who support Israel, and people like us who are currently singing “O, Schadenfreude” to the tune of “O, Tannenbaum.”

Of course, the Democrats also gave us a significant gift: their unanimous opposition to all of the above. Meaning that when the rising economic tide lifts all boats, they’ll still be holding their breath in the backseat of Teddy Kennedy’s sunken car wondering when help from voters will arrive (spoiler alert: it won’t).

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