Black people are waking up

Candace Owens is one of their alarm clocks. She is what wise, strong, intelligent, and beautiful looks like.

The Left Uses “Racism” To Control Black Voters [3:43]

A fellow black person wrote to Candace on Facebook: “Damn. You really out here ruining everything we have built.”

She responded:

2017_12 13 Candace Owens tweet




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2 responses to “Black people are waking up

  1. Sorry to be a downer here, but there is considerable, and complicated, suspicion of “Red Pill Black.” She has all the right words, but some of her recent-past actions suggest she’s not on the level. I won’t search out the vids of folks suggesting this, but there are many. I’m not sure what to think.

    She’s cute… but I still prefer Diamond and Silk. 🙂