Bits and Pieces

OBAMA: There is clear evidence that the Obama administration colluded with the Russian government to free an Islamic terrorist responsible for the deaths of Americans — all in order to appease Iran to pave the way for the Obama administration’s surrender to the burgeoning Iranian nuclear program and Iran’s escalating regional ambitions.

2017 in Review

9th CIRCUS COURT: 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals judge Alex Kozinski has decided to retire instead of defending allegations of sexual misconduct. Trump gets to appoint his replacement!

EPA: No need to work at draining the swamp! Since Trump’s appointee took over at the EPA, 770 anti-Trumpers have quit or retired.

2017_12 Obama v Trump GDP

NBC: The final episode of NBC’s Chris Matthews show will air on July 21. Now, if only MSNBC would cancel Hardball.

HYPOCRITES: Democrats aren’t interested in wiping out sexual abuse. While Roy Moore was running for office, they were all over Franken to step down. Now that Moore has lost, the election, they’re telling him to stay. So much for the moral high ground.

2017_12 18 Antifa bragged about concrete on RR

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  1. Pistol Pete

    To claim the moral high ground one must first have morals.

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