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Linda Sarsour, who is credited with inspiring the pink pussy hat “Women’s March on DC”, has been accused of enabling the sexual assault and harassment of Asmi Fathelbab, a woman who worked for her when Sarsour was executive director of the Arab American Association.

Fethelbab says she told Sarsour, a self-proclaimed champion of women, that Majed Seif, a Muslim man who lived in the same building where the Arab American Association offices were located, stalked and molested her repeatedly.

Fethelbab claims one of Seif’s alleged favorite past times was sneaking up on her with a full erection.

“It was disgusting,” she told The Caller. “I ran the youth program in the building and with that comes bending down and talking to small children. You have no idea what it was like to stand up and feel that behind you. I couldn’t scream because I didn’t want to scare the child in front of me. It left me shaking.”

Fathelbab says she reported Seif to the leadership at the organization, but that Sarsour called her a liar and threatened legal and professional damage if she went public with the sexual assault claims. Fathelbab also says Sarsour regularly body-shamed her and enabled Seif’s sexual assault.

Desperate after multiple dismissals by Sarsour, the distraught employee says she went to the president of the board of directors, Ahmed Jaber.

“Jaber told me my stalker was a ‘God-fearing man’ who was ‘always at the Mosque,’ so he wouldn’t do something like that,” Fathelbab claims. “He wanted to make it loud and clear this guy was a good Muslim and I was a bad Muslim for “complaining.”

After Fathelbab’s contract was up, Sarsour fired Fathelbab and got her blackballed at other jobs in New York City.

Two people who knew Fathelbab during her time at the Arab American Association corroborate her story. Another New York political insider, who has worked professionally with the Arab American Association for over a decade, says this is not the first time they have heard a complaint like this.


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