Happiness is a warm pun


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  1. Ting

    Okay – I have never seen that movie “A Christmas Story”. I think I know about it as the one everybody laughs about that has a kid getting a BB gun, but I am always so busy at this time of year that I never sit down long enough for any of it. I confess, back in the day when my children were school age and in a perpetual hyper state from Thanksgiving on, I used to program the VHS recorder for all the Christmas movies I could find. Then when I was busy, I would plop them down in front of the TV with those movies while I worked.
    They know them all, and I know none of them! (Except, of course, the ones from my childhood.) Another one that I have never seen is the National Lampoon Christmas Vacation. My daughter insists we will find time to watch that this year. I’ll let you know, because I’m not seeing when we will fit it in.

    Have a very Merry Christmas, everyone!