What He Said

I started college with the intention of majoring in cinema. Two weeks in, after actually attending the first class of Cinema 101, which was taught by the department head, I dropped out. He showed us this inane, homemade film called “Window Water Baby Moving.” You don’t need to see it to imagine what it showed. A window. Some water. A baby. Something I forget what that was moving. Oh, and the filmmaker, whose work was SO IMPORTANT that it merited being the first thing we saw in Cinema 101, had also, wait for it, scratched some of the film with a pin.

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  1. Here’s another good rant from PJW, on a similar subject. Definitely worth a watch.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Dearest and I were dating during his last year of architecture school. I remember one assignment he had, to design a small, inexpensive home from modular components. I thought he did a brilliant job. For one thing, he actually met the requirements of the assignment, which so far as I could tell, the other students who got better grades had not. I remember one of them blathering on about “rotated grids.”

      Me, I’m more interested in things like traffic flow, a good work triangle in the kitchen, adequate closet space, and coming in on budget. But apparently my concerns, which Dearest’s assignment met, made his design “banal.” That was all the prof had to say about his work. It was “banal.”

      That day, I gained a deep appreciation for the saying, “Architecture students who get Cs go out and build good buildings for their clients. Architecture students who get Bs go out and work for the ones who got Cs. And the students who get As become architecture professors.”

      I’d add this: “Architecture students who learned how to build, plumb, and wire a house are the ones you want to hire do design your home or business.” Dearest has a great reputation around here and I’m so proud of him!

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  2. red

    My grandmother attended finishing school (1920s 🙂 Her first class on cooking, the chef held up an egg and said, “This is an egg.” Coming from a rural area, she choked back laughter. Apparently, some in the class thought they appeared by magic. So, you did well not to laugh at him 🙂


  3. chrissythehyphenated

    I think we should slap a price tag on this and make a mint.

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