Obama vs. Trump

There are those on the Left who say that Obama’s bowing and apologizing for America made us safer, while Trump’s strength and patriotism put us all in great danger. They couldn’t be more wrong.  Strong leaders respect other strong leaders.  Weakness just invites their contempt.

2016 Obama China

2017_11 Trump China




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2 responses to “Obama vs. Trump

  1. Pistol Pete

    Obama was a poor man’s dictator wanna-be.The Chinese were not fooled by his phony bullshit.The entire world knew he was a joke;a vainglorious,egomaniacal clown who could be played for a fool.Witness his Iran “deal”.He gave them everything they wanted and got nothing back but a worthless piece of paper he could wave and claim he had a ‘treaty.’I’m confident Trump is going to end that charade.
    The Chinese know Trump is the real deal who means what he says.
    Respect isn’t given…it’s earned.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      For all the bullying they do themselves, Leftists are remarkably dim-witted about the psychology of bullies. They respect strength. Weakness invites contempt.


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