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You Ain’t in Los Angeles Anymore, Homey

There is a man named Lavar Ball you may never have heard of. He was a former basketball player (albeit a poor one) who sired three sons. The oldest, Lonzo, plays for the Lakers. LiAngelo is a freshman at UCLA. I don’t remember the other one’s name and it really doesn’t matter. Daddy Lavar is an attention whore who has always shamelessly pimped out his sons. He demanded (I don’t think he got) a BILLION dollars from Nike to have his three brats wear their shoes. Lonzo’s sneakers came out with an almost $500 and nobody bought them. They were ugly as hell.

Anyway, the UCLA basketball team was in China to play a game. Naturally, these kids are nothing more than thugs with 5th grade educations who play a game. Having no morals and no conscience, LiAngelo and two of his buddies were caught stealing sunglasses from the Louis Vitton store. In L.A., they’d probably never even have been arrested. This ain’t L.A. … this is a whole ‘nother country.

U.S. Basketball Players Like To Bash Trump, But The Ones Arrested In China Need Him


According to ESPN, the trio includes freshman Cody Riley, Jalen Hill, and LiAngelo Ball, the younger brother of Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball. They were released on bail early Wednesday morning, but are required by Hangzhou police to remain at their hotel until the legal process concludes.

If found guilty of “robbing public or private property using force, coercion, or other methods,” the three young men could face between three to 10 years in prison. Lowering the case to an “administration violation” instead of robbery would likely lessen the probability of prison time.

Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports reports typically a defendant could wait 30-37 days before being indicted. That means these star American basketball players could be sitting in their Hangzhou luxury hotel long enough for the luxury to wear off. Then, if they do get indicted, the odds aren’t in their favor. According to Wetzel’s reporting, there’s a 99.2 percent conviction rate.

If you’re not familiar with the Ball family, consider them the Kardashian-equivalent to basketball. Instead of a matriarchy spearheaded by Kris Jenner, they’re a patriarch-like business run by father Lavar Ball.

Fellow NBA superstars Steph Curry and Kevin Durant publicly refused an invitation to visit the White House with their championship-winning team. On the heels of that, about a month ago, the most popular face of the NBA, LeBron James, called Trump a “bum” in a tweet.

Well, LeBron, the man you called a bum may be the only hope now for LiAngelo Ball, a potential future NBA player and brother to a current player. Trump is scheduled to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping this week. You could make a case the reason the men were released, an unusual move by generally stringent Chinese law enforcement, as a result of Trump’s visit, in a gesture of goodwill.


UCLA basketball team returns to L.A., with three arrested players still in China

Basketball fan in Shanghai takes a photo with LaVar Ball, right, and LaMelo Ball, left, during a Big Baller Brand promotional event on Friday

ESPN reported that a person with firsthand knowledge of the investigation said that there was surveillance video of the players shoplifting from three stores inside an upscale shopping center next to the hotel where the team was staying in Hangzhou.

The players are expected to remain in the hotel until their legal situation is resolved.

UCLA coach Steve Alford declined to address the situation after his team’s 63-60 triumph over Georgia Tech at the Baoshan Sports Center in Shanghai and a school representative declined to comment.





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Obama vs. Trump

There are those on the Left who say that Obama’s bowing and apologizing for America made us safer, while Trump’s strength and patriotism put us all in great danger. They couldn’t be more wrong.  Strong leaders respect other strong leaders.  Weakness just invites their contempt.

2016 Obama China

2017_11 Trump China



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Hollywood should look to the Catholic Church


Hollywood routinely mocks or mangles all things Catholic, but they really should look to how the Catholic Church in the United States changed itself to protect and defend the vulnerable from sexual abuse.

In the wake of the priest sex scandals of the early 2000s, the USCCB (U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops) implemented a comprehensive system that requires every diocese and eparchy to:

  • Train all clergy, volunteers, staff, educators and children to identify and report abuse;
  • Run background checks on all adults with access to children;
  • Report all allegations to law enforcement;
  • Provide outreach and support for victims; and
  • Remove offenders from ministry and further access to children.

An annual audit is performed by an external firm to ensure dioceses are effectively implementing the system.

Last year, I ran the numbers and found that the current incidence of proven sexual abuse in the Catholic Church in the United States is a piddling .1%. That’s POINT one percent. The LOWEST estimated national average for American men in general is TEN times that.

IOW, children are statistically much safer with their parish priest than they are with their teachers, coaches, or dads. And I’d venture a guess that they’re a lot safer with teachers, coaches, or dads than they are with Hollywood producers and directors!



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They don’t come much better than Mama Buzz!

Excuse me while I rave about what a Great Mom my daughter is! Bunny’s kindergarten teacher sent home turkey coloring pages with instructions to have fun decorating them, then return them for a class project. Below is what they came up with. And get this … they wore tutus while crafting! LOLOL “Have to be properly attired!” she texted.

2017_11 12 L&A tutu turkey

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Hollywood and Manly Men

Real men

Andrew Klavan speaks sense: “Hollywood’s Masculinity Deficit.”

Powerful men and masculine men are not the same thing. Former Fox News host Laura Sivan recently told in heart-wrenching detail how Weinstein cornered her in a basement and masturbated in front of her. Is that how manly men behave in your book? Pick your masculine icon. John Wayne’s characters? Clint Eastwood’s? Watch me take a shower. Give me a massage and I’ll put you in a movie. Is that how they behave?”

Read the rest @ https://pjmedia.com/andrewklavan/2017/10/15/hollywoods-masculinity-deficit/

Also worth your time: “Harvey Weinstein Is a Product of the Left’s Rebellion Against God.”

[Hollywood] gave a standing ovation to convicted pedophile Roman Polanski, continues to fete alleged rapist Woody Allen, and grovels at the feet of Bill Clinton, a man who sexually abused women who were under his power.”

Read the rest @ https://pjmedia.com/faith/2017/10/12/harvey-weinstein-product-lefts-rebellion-god/

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4 Pete’s Sake: Monday, November 13

It is at once sickening and maddening that when anything happens you know exactly how the left/media will react.  The only reason the democrats have remained a viable political party for as long as they have is they turned our schools into indoctrination centers turning out socially engineered automatons who have no knowledge of America’s history and are barely capable of independent thought.   They only see the headline in any story and accept whatever they are told without question.

Someone once said the ill-educated are more easily commanded.

You just knew once this woman came forward making accusations against Judge Moore, an honorable and Godly man, that the media would grab it like a coyote grabbing a dead ground squirrel and rub their noses in it to spread the smell.  The newspapers and airwaves were blitzed with scurrilous accusations that many people believed, even if the facts were made up from whole cloth.  Meanwhile there’s a trial going on right now of a senator charged with 22 counts of corruption and sex trafficking. No one has heard a word of it. The difference is the senator has a ‘D’ after his name and that makes all the difference,since they are held to no standards of morality.

CtH: I mentioned the Menendez trial and Dearest had literally never heard of it.  He likes to listen to Rush and Laura Ingraham, so is usually up on this stuff, but he’s been really busy lately.  (Hurrah for the Trump Economy!)

The DC Swamp is an exclusive society that does not accept outsiders. They despise Donald Trump for invading their little clique and want to deprive him of anyone who would not sell him out. They are furiously attempting to ruin Judge Moore and can only do it with the complicity of their republican co-conspirators.

McConnell Implies He May Not Seat Roy Moore if He Wins Election

RINO swamp creatures such as Mitch McConnell are so afraid that Roy Moore will win the Alabama Senate seat that they are pulling out all the stops to block him.  And to hell with the voters.
Republican senators and their advisers, in a flurry of phone calls, emails and text messages, discussed fielding a write-in candidate, pushing Alabama’s governor to delay the Dec. 12 special election or even not seating Mr. Moore at all should he be elected. In an interview, Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the majority leader, declined to say whether he would agree to seat Mr. Moore should he win.


Would the Senate invoke Article I, Section 5, clause 2, to “expel” Senator Roy Moore?

[CtH: I’ve seen stories about how Democrat senators have no intention of ousting Menendez EVEN IF HE’S CONVICTED!]

The WaPo article does not say how WaPo found these specific women, it only says it heard general rumors:

“While reporting a story in Alabama about supporters of Moore’s Senate campaign, a Post reporter heard that Moore allegedly had sought relationships with teenage girls. Over the ensuing three weeks, two Post reporters contacted and interviewed the four women.”

Alabama is a pretty big state, it would be interesting to know how WaPo identified four women out of millions for a story that has not been uncovered by any of Moore’s many prior political opponents.

Let’s hope more evidence comes out that sheds light on who is telling the truth, and that it comes out before the election.


John McCain @SenJohnMcCain

The allegations against Roy Moore are deeply disturbing and disqualifying. He should immediately step aside and allow the people of Alabama to elect a candidate they can be proud of.  1:44 PM – Nov 9, 2017

[CtH: Yo, Mitt.  Would you have stepped aside if Democrat operatives had made up crap about your past behavior?]

Lindsey Graham Calls for Roy Moore to Step Aside but Defends Bob Menendez
All of the ALLEGATIONS against Moore date from the late 1970s and early 1980s — more than 30 years ago.

Compare this to the allegations against New Jersey Democrat Sen. Bob Menendez, who is ON TRIAL for corruption and sex trafficking.

Lindsey Graham says Moore should be dealt with “harshly”, but that Menendez is an “honest” and “honorable man.”


Judge Roy Moore: Establishment Republicans, Democrats, Washington Post May Have Colluded in Smear

Well I think they should see it how it really is, and that’s 40 years I’ve been in the public eye and serving as a deputy prosecutor—as a judge, I’ve been a chief justice twice. I’ve run a Foundation for Moral Law, and now after 40 years—four weeks out from an election, not even mentioned in a primary, they bring charges and try to back them up with other things that sound bad?


Moore refused debate because of Dem rival’s stance on ‘transgenderism’

“The transgenders don’t have rights,” Moore said Wednesday during a press conference. “They’ve never been denominated as having rights by the U.S. Supreme Court.”

Moore also attacked Jones Wednesday for supporting allowing transgender individuals to serve in the military.


ABC’s Raddatz Disgusted by Skeptics of Allegations Against Roy Moore

On Sunday’s Good Morning America, ABC’s Martha Raddatz used her analysis to express her frustration and contempt for such people. “I don’t really know what those voters are waiting for,” she huffed.

Raddatz was dumbfounded that there were people who didn’t believe the allegations. And her contempt was visible as she talked down to them and about their way of thinking:

But I think, generally, you hear, you know, we don’t know and it was 40 years ago. Sort of the things that Roy Moore was saying. That “if,” “if” he did that. And I don’t know really how you take this further. You’ve got four women on the record who The Washington Post sought out.


CtH: Let’s ask Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, Carolyn Moffet, Christy Zercher, Eileen Wellstone, and Sandra Allen James about all the support people like you gave them, shall we, Martha?


Van Hollen Won’t Say Whether Menendez Should Step Down if Convicted By Jury

[CtH: I used to have such high regard for George and Barbara and George and Laura Bush. So far, Laura hasn’t (to my knowledge) done anything to tarnish that. But I heard that some years ago, Barbara said Sarah Palin should shut up and go back to Alaska. I hoped it was just a scurillous rumor. But now it seems the Georges are bad mouthing Trump. I was impressed during all those years they did not stick their noses into public affairs. So WTH are they doing NOW, shooting off their mouths about a REPUBLICAN president?! I’m so disappointed.]



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