The Year-Long Temper Tantrum

It was just a year ago yesterday when the idyllic world of the progressives, dreams of total domination, a presidency that was theirs in perpetuity, and a new world order all paid for by somebody else came crashing down. In what may be an even bigger upset than Harry Truman defeating Thomas Dewey in 1948, an amateur politician, reality TV star, and billionaire hotel mogul named Donald Trump shocked the presumptive queen, Hillary Clinton, in stunning fashion.

This was her destiny. This is why she married a charming liar and took charge of silencing his sexual assault victims while “standing by her man,” because if she left him she had nothing. Being First Lady, a New York senator, and Secretary of State were just warmups for her real goal: president of the United States. The democrat party owed it to her.

After all, it was promised to her in 2008 until the party went head over heels for a street hustler from Chicago whose only qualification was that his daddy was African. She’d just have to wait her turn and spend her time scooping up hundreds of millions of dollars from companies and foreign countries who knew that when you want anything from the Clintons it’s going to cost you… big.

So confident of victory was she that she didn’t even bother even spending time in places like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Even after her people on the ground tried to warn her.  THEN…….

One Year Ago Today: Liberal Tears Flowed Like a River

27 Excuses Hillary Clinton Has Made for Her 2016 Election Loss
Here is a list of the 26 people, groups, ideologies – and even those who thought she would win – that Clinton blames for her failure to be elected president one year ago. The list was compiled by media outlets, including the UK Daily Mail, the BBC, the Daily Wire and Breitbart News.

[CtH:  There are two things that are not on this list but really should be. I.e., Trump voters and Hillary Clinton. Come to think of it, those are the only two things that should be on this list.]

WATCH: Liberals Gather to Scream at the Sky

This is hilariously funny and pathetic. And this actually tells you so much more than the off-term elections. Where are all the thousands and millions of unhappy people against Trump at this event and the November 4 Refuse Fascism event?

Philly, where there were more Republicans laughing than there were screamers.

Consider the alternative: How would Hillary have handled the hurricanes?  Would the Clinton Foundation been put in charge of relief efforts in Puerto Rico? It worked so well in Haiti.  Immigrants would surely be pouring over the border to grab a seat on the taxpayer gravy train.  What kind of Supreme Court would we have?  How many bodies would remain buried and uninvestigated?

One Year Later, Trump Making History on Judges and Supreme Court
President Trump has made 56 nominations thus far to the federal courts to fill the 166 current and upcoming vacancies on the bench, with more coming soon. Those nominees are the most consistently and provably conservative picks of any president since the courts became a political issue more than a half-century ago.


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3 responses to “The Year-Long Temper Tantrum

  1. FranklytheNut

    Nice meme about what the left really fears. I’d like to put it on a stick and bap a few of my lib friends with it…not that it would do them any good!

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  2. Pistol Pete

    Frankly!We’ve missed you around here.

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  3. chrissythehyphenated

    I get they’re still mad he beat Hillary, but honestly … has President Trump done anything REAL that warrants them using words like “fascist regime” and “national nightmare”? The national debt is coming down, the stock market is way up, people are back to work. I know his tweets bother some of his supporters even, but I think back to Obama’s first year, with all that bowing to foreign potentates and, then, appallingly, the mayor of some Florida city, and think “meh.” What the hell is so BAD about this administration?!

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