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Hillary Did It

2017_11 Trump Russia dossier - Gorrell toon

According to a senior Clinton campaign strategist who worked for Hillary in both her 2008 and 2016 presidential bids,

“Hillary approved Podesta’s decision to pay for the [Trump-Russia] dossier by funneling campaign funds through Marc Elias.

“The dossier was delivered to the Clinton campaign by [the opposition research firm] Fusion GPS in the summer of 2016, and Hillary read it and was thrilled by its salacious content.

“She bragged about it so openly that many of the people in her Brooklyn campaign headquarters were aware of the existence of the dossier. Hillary referred to it as her ‘secret weapon’ that would ‘blow Trump out of the water.’”


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Election Cleanup

Just clearing some things I could have posted yesterday.

Gillespie Ran a JEB! Campaign in a Trump World

Conservatives were told that candidates like Ken Cuccinelli spelled certain doom, that the answer was a moderate establishment candidate. Tonight we now know that that candidate Ed Gillespie did worse than Ken Cuccinelli did. And Cuccinelli performed better without the support of the Virginia GOP establishment.

Ed Gillespie is certainly a good fellow. But his campaign used messages from 2004 and tactics from 1996. It seemed to exist outside of the ferocious upheavals of the modern polarized political world.


In Virginia, Ex-Felons Voted For The First Time After Regaining Their Rights

“I now felt like a citizen. I now felt like I will make a difference in some kind of way,” said LaVaughn Williams, who voted for the first time on Tuesday.


Northam Win Fueled By Money From Obama-Backed Group, Steyer, Bloomberg

Prominent liberals combined to pour millions into Virginia to support Dem candidate Ralph Northam

A group backed by former President Barack Obama and headed by former Attorney General Eric Holder poured $1 million into the Virginia gubernatorial race in support of Democrat Ralph Northam, who on Tuesday defeated Republican Ed Gillespie.


Oh, Here We Go: Hillary Taking Credit For Democratic Wins Last Night

First, it was to send a strong message to Trump, he animated the base to levels not seen since 2008, which was the year Obama won in a landslide win. With those figures, the GOP was going to get trashed.

Yet, do you know which person had nothing to do with it, but is attempting to take credit for it anyway: Hillary Clinton. It didn’t take long for her majesty to try and bathe in the afterglow of the Democrats’ wins last night in Virginia and New Jersey


Perez Yells During Speech: ‘The New Democratic Party is Back’

[CtH: Wow.  This is as pathetic as the absurd screaming at the sky non-events.]

What the Exit Polls Can Tell Us about the Virginia GOP’s Disaster

The fairest and most accurate critique about Ed Gillespie is that his 2017 campaign was neither fish nor fowl. He had too much history as an Establishment insider to drive up big turnout among Trump’s voters, but his campaign’s autumn messages focusing on sanctuary cities, gangs, Confederate statues and felon voting rights were too “Trumpified” to win over those moderate suburban soccer moms.


Night of change for Minneapolis City Council as first transgender candidate wins


Dems Divided: Liberals Heckle Ralph Northam At His Own Election Night Party, Forcing Him Off Stage

[CtH: Yo, Perez. This is the same old rude and divisive Democratic Party.]

Republicans suddenly fear disastrous 2018

Clinton was such a horrible candidate that distaste for her may have held back the swing of college educated whites towards the Democrats,” Wilson said. “If that’s true, it’s a real problem and one that Republicans must address prior to 2018.”


House Dem’s new demand: Impeach Trump by Christmas


I now announce that before Christmas, there will be a vote on the chief inciter of racism, bigotry, hatred, xenophobia, sexism and ethnocentrism,” he said on the House floor, adding that he prayed the United States will “continue to reject what the inciter in chief, Donald J. Trump has been causing this country to have to endure.”

[CtH: Trump isn’t racist, sexist, or any of the rest, though it is easy to make a compelling case that those who accuse him of these things certainly are.  So what exactly have we had to “endure”?  Vile, slanted, dishonest media reporting, definitely.  Shrieking, foul-mouthed celebrities, absolutely.  Democrat politicians doing what they’ve been doing for years — i.e., damning Republicans without coming up with anything constructive of their own.  But Trump?  What’s Trump actually done besides shoot off his mouth in tweets (which I personally find funny as hell)?]


Carr: Donald Trump hate is a cult

New moonbat religion eschews facts



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A prayer for peace

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The Year-Long Temper Tantrum

It was just a year ago yesterday when the idyllic world of the progressives, dreams of total domination, a presidency that was theirs in perpetuity, and a new world order all paid for by somebody else came crashing down. In what may be an even bigger upset than Harry Truman defeating Thomas Dewey in 1948, an amateur politician, reality TV star, and billionaire hotel mogul named Donald Trump shocked the presumptive queen, Hillary Clinton, in stunning fashion.

This was her destiny. This is why she married a charming liar and took charge of silencing his sexual assault victims while “standing by her man,” because if she left him she had nothing. Being First Lady, a New York senator, and Secretary of State were just warmups for her real goal: president of the United States. The democrat party owed it to her.

After all, it was promised to her in 2008 until the party went head over heels for a street hustler from Chicago whose only qualification was that his daddy was African. She’d just have to wait her turn and spend her time scooping up hundreds of millions of dollars from companies and foreign countries who knew that when you want anything from the Clintons it’s going to cost you… big.

So confident of victory was she that she didn’t even bother even spending time in places like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Even after her people on the ground tried to warn her.  THEN…….

One Year Ago Today: Liberal Tears Flowed Like a River

27 Excuses Hillary Clinton Has Made for Her 2016 Election Loss
Here is a list of the 26 people, groups, ideologies – and even those who thought she would win – that Clinton blames for her failure to be elected president one year ago. The list was compiled by media outlets, including the UK Daily Mail, the BBC, the Daily Wire and Breitbart News.

[CtH:  There are two things that are not on this list but really should be. I.e., Trump voters and Hillary Clinton. Come to think of it, those are the only two things that should be on this list.]


WATCH: Liberals Gather to Scream at the Sky

This is hilariously funny and pathetic. And this actually tells you so much more than the off-term elections. Where are all the thousands and millions of unhappy people against Trump at this event and the November 4 Refuse Fascism event?

Philly, where there were more Republicans laughing than there were screamers.

Consider the alternative: How would Hillary have handled the hurricanes?  Would the Clinton Foundation been put in charge of relief efforts in Puerto Rico? It worked so well in Haiti.  Immigrants would surely be pouring over the border to grab a seat on the taxpayer gravy train.  What kind of Supreme Court would we have?  How many bodies would remain buried and uninvestigated?

One Year Later, Trump Making History on Judges and Supreme Court
President Trump has made 56 nominations thus far to the federal courts to fill the 166 current and upcoming vacancies on the bench, with more coming soon. Those nominees are the most consistently and provably conservative picks of any president since the courts became a political issue more than a half-century ago.



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