Pray Hard

It’s horrifying that 26 were killed and about 20 more wounded in a mass shooting at a Texas Baptist church. What makes it seem even worse to me is that this town is TINY, about 400 residents. Back in 1996, we suffered the brutal butchering of two teen girls by a neighbor who had a wife and small son. The girls went to our church; my girls were in youth group with them. Our whole community was devastated and the fallout for that group of teens was felt years later as some continued to suffer and succumb to alcoholism and suicide. Our village has about 3,500 souls. I truly cannot imagine the impact this far bigger trauma will have on this far smaller community. My heart is breaking for them.

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  1. rednig

    We are, and bitter at the liberalism that told someone they could do this, and more at the fear of having a gun on the property lead him to feel safe. God’s peace to you.