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Rats Abandoning H.M.S. Hillary

Donna Brazile, Lizzie Warren, and Donald Trump all agree on something. Never thought you’d see that, did you? They all agree…the fix was in for the democrat primary last year. Everybody knew it, they just didn’t want to say so. Well, now Donna “we’re not going to let the white boys win” Brazile is hawking a book aptly named HACKS.

Explosive Brazile Confession: Trump and Bernie Were Right, DNC Rigged Nomination For Hillary From the Start
In her forthcoming book, former DNC chair Donna Brazile absolutely unloads on her party, blasting Barack Obama for decimating the DNC’s finances, savaging the leadership of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and confirming that yes, Hillary Clinton’s campaign had the party in its pocket long before she was its nominee.


2017_11 03 DNC Corruption

Stilton’s take on Hacks is worth a laugh or three:


Yesterday Marked The First Time Democrats Showed They Weren’t Scared Of The Clintons Anymore
The Ice Cube In Heels would do anything to get elected and felt entitled to the Democratic nomination and the presidency.

Losing the election was not about stolen emails and pilfered messages. The election of Donald Trump was about how the voters, including those forgotten Democratic voters in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania were finally fed up with a party gone to seed.


Asked if DNC system was rigged in Clinton’s favor, Warren says ‘yes’

Asked Thursday by CNN’s Jake Tapper whether she believes that the Democratic campaign organization was tipped in favor of Clinton over her primary opponent, independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, Warren responded without hesitation: “Yes.”


Wolf Blitzer: ‘Shocking’ Hillary Rigged DNC

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer said Thursday that it’s “shocking” that Hillary Clinton rigged the Democratic National Committee to secure her own presidential nomination.

[CtH: Further evidence of how thoroughly corrupt the Left Stream Media is.  THEY should’ve been screaming about this throughout 2012.]

In an interview with Democratic Indiana Rep. Andre Carson, Blitzer contended that it’s a “shocking revelation” that Clinton essentially bought off the DNC in exchange for control of the party’s finances and strategy.

Rep. Carson seemed unbothered by the story, stating that he thinks Brazile is “brilliant” and looks forward to reading her book.


Nets Refuse to Acknowledge Revelation Dem Primary Was ‘Rigged’ for Clinton
The reason the networks wanted to keep Brazile’s findings secret was simple: They didn’t want to ruin their narrative that Clinton was a pure angel who was a victim of Donald Trump and Russian collusion. But in recent weeks, it had come out that Clinton had the DNC in her pocket and they both were funneling money to Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele so they could work with Russian agents to get dirt on Donald Trump.


Tom Perez Dodges When Asked About Donna Brazile’s Rigged Primary Allegations: “We’re Moving Forward”

CNBC Panel Shuts Down Tom Perez Over Liberal Talking Points: ‘Talk The Economics”


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