What is the Alt-Right?

The Alt-Right is a very small, white nationalist movement that actually has far more in common with the Left than it does with the Conservative Right it opposes. Like the Left, it is obsessed with race, rejects God, and disdains the individual.


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4 responses to “What is the Alt-Right?

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    The Left AND the Alt-Right are no doubt silently cheering and publicly minimizing what happened here.



  2. rednig

    A very good example of blasphemy is to claim any one or any race alive today is responsible for the death of Jesus. It’s calling god a liar. If you read what many posters are saying, you’ll see it there. Alt-Right is basically an atheist organization, coming out of nazism. When the KKK (children of the dragon/Satan) fell out of favor with the skin game people, they jumped to Nazism. One thing so many miss is, Hitler: “If I believed in a god, I would be Muslim.”


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Margaret Sanger recruited in the KKK, because they sympathized with her white eugenics policies.

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      • rednig

        Yes, I’ve seen picture and articles, her bragging about the KKK in places like Jersey. Sanger also wrote to Hitler, congratulating him and advising him. He called her his spiritual mother, and she, her spiritual son. She gave Trotsky VD when he was on the run from Stalin–after Hitler helped to oust the Bolsheviks for Stalin. She may have been involved with Trotsky’s assassination in Mexico. The company makes huge donations to the DNC so long as they keep Planned Parenthood paid. Because of her involvement in both the KKK) children of the dragon/Satan) and the Nazi Party, non-whites are nutty for supporting anything she had a hand in. Walk in beauty.