Stop Grandstanding About Niger

At The Daily Signal, former Green Beret and Heritage Foundation Fellow Steven Bucci urges politicians and the media to stop unnecessarily politicizing the work that American special forces were conducting in Niger, writing that “grandstanding senators and talking heads don’t help make America safe, but missions just like the one in Niger do.”

EXCERPT: The loss of four special operations soldiers in Niger is a tragedy. We grieve as a nation, rightly, whenever we lose any of the brave young men and women who serve in uniform.

That said, politicians and news media are turning the event into a farce.

Having served as an Army Green Beret for 28 years, I cannot let the mischaracterizations — many by leaders who clearly know better — continue without a comment. …

The U.S. has conducted these kinds of missions around the world since the 1950s. At times we have had as few as a dozen of these operations, and at others several hundred in as many as 80-plus countries simultaneously.

These missions are routine and have short-circuited conflicts on nearly every continent in the world at one time or another.

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