Ignorant AND Offensive

2017_10 18 Can Joy Reid name Benghazi dead

2017_10 18 6 yo knows his name

Just guessing that MSNBC’s “national correspondent” not only can’t name any of the Benghazi heroes, living or dead, but also still believes in her Democrat heart of hearts that it was all about a YouTube video.

But speaking of honoring fallen heroes by, you know, REMEMBERING their NAMES:  Anyone else recall the McCain-Obama presidential debate, when John McCain talked about the dead soldier whose bracelet he was wearing?  Barack Obama jumped in like a petulant child with, “I have a bracelet too!”, but then couldn’t remember the dead soldier’s name and had to read it off the bracelet.

After the debate, the parents of that dead soldier told reporters they had specifically asked Obama NOT to wear it!

Plus, McCain was 100% right about what would happen if Obama won the election and withdrew troops from Iraq prematurely.


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One response to “Ignorant AND Offensive

  1. Funny how Progressives who never gave a damn about the name of U S service members who died in service and beyond under Barack Obama was never reported.

    Oh yes, they did report Benghazi Islamic terrorist attack, the second attack on U.S. soil on September 11th but the manner in which they reported Benghazi and the death of four soldiers was to give cover to Obama and Hillary which pushing a narrative that there is no there, there.

    I don’t recall call sign Extortion 17, CH-47 Chinook military helicopter and the death of 38 servicemembers and their canine registering much interest either.

    Oh yes and the many, many, MANY Green on Blue attacks which lead to the deaths of unarmed U.S. service members many who died because they were without ammo as ordained by Obama whose media sock puppets did not report because they cared less.

    Suddenly they care? Only because they can wield the dead as a weapon to beat the President over the head with.

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