A New Level of Savagery

You first heard about this here yesterday. In the last 24 hours it has mushroomed into a full-blown hate fest, all phony, all perpetrated by the media as a way of distracting from the real criminality of the Russian uranium sellout by Obama and Mme. Pantsuit. There were 4 Green Berets murdered in the ambush in Niger. One was black, so like the bottom feeding scum that they truly are, the Democrats are using the widow as a pawn to heap more raw sewage on the president. Anyone with half a brain can see what they’re doing, but their target audience has less than that. All they care to hear is, “Trump disrespected the widow of a soldier.”

Jan over at Diogenes summed it up pretty succinctly:

Now that blockbuster revelations have emerged that the Obama regime knew about a huge bribery scam over that Russian uranium deal that went down when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and covered it up, it is time for the media to launch another weapon of mass distraction. That Sgt. Johnson and his grieving spouse have become pawns in the left’s war on Trump is a testament as to just how vile and embittered that the Democrats have become after their putrid excuse for a candidate lost the election.


Trump: Pol ‘totally fabricated’ story of call to Gold
“I didn’t say what that congresswoman said – and she knows it – and she now is not saying it,” Trump said during a meeting in the White House on Wednesday. “I’d like her to make the statement again. Because I did not say what she said.”
Trump went on to say he had a “very nice conversation with the woman, with the wife, who sounded like a lovely woman,” then added, “Did not say what the congresswoman said.”
But the soldier’s mother, Cowanda Jones-Johnson, told the Washington Post that she was also in the car and the president’s comments “did disrespect my son and my daughter and also me and my husband.”


[CtH: Hmmm … how about the same way we were RIGHT to doubt that woman named Tawana?]


Media playing along as liberals weaponize Gold Star families in fight against GOPAs many Democrats weaponize Gold Star families against the GOP, mainstream media outlets now seem to be approaching the families of dead soldiers one by one in an attempt to find the next controversy surrounding President Trump.
Earlier this week, Trump said former President Obama and past presidents didn’t always call the families of soldiers who died while serving the country during a Rose Garden press conference.

Gold Star widows and parents were all over the place on Wednesday, from CNN to The New York Times, mostly to criticize Trump. “Are you a member of a Gold Star family who’s had contact with the White House? Confidentially share your story here,” the AP tweeted.



Father of Slain Soldier Blasts Controversy: ‘Not About Trump or Damn Phone Call’; ‘My Son Knew What He Signed Up For’
Arnold Wright, the father of Army Staff Sgt. Dustin Wright who was killed with three other soldiers in an attack in Niger on October 4, spoke to Time Magazine on Wednesday about a condolence call he received from President Donald Trump on Tuesday and his thoughts on what his son knew when he volunteered for military service.
Wright blasted the controversy over the condolence call Trump made to the Myeshia Johnson, the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson who was also killed in the Niger attack. Wright’s comments and observations are 180 degrees opposite of the highly negative experience reported by Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) about Johnson’s talk with Trump.


How did Trump’s response to Niger deaths go so wrong?

Such a convenient squirrel

Just as the Russia Uranium One story hits, the Enslaved Press is suddenly distracted by a convenient squirrel.
This time, carefully lobbed their way by crank Congresswoman Frederica Wilson.
I mentioned in the previous post that both CNN and MSNBC are ignoring this explosive Russia story. Instead, their main pages are devoted almost entirely to Wilson’s claim that President Trump disrespected the wife of fallen soldier Sgt. La David Johnson.
It really is convenient, isn’t it?
So why are they making an unsubstantiated claim by a rabidly anti-Trump congresswoman into the next Watergate?
Why do you think?
Deflect and distract.
It’s what they do.


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  1. Pistol Pete

    Will Echoes Of Hillary Clinton’s Awful Coal Remarks Sink Democrats In Virginia’s Governor’s Race?

    We’re three weeks out from Virginia’s gubernatorial race and it’s been mostly relegated to the backburner thanks to the endless news that emanates from the Trump White House. It’s an off-year election, but it’s in D.C.’s backyard.
    Racial Chasm Splits Virginia Democratic Gubernatorial Ticket Ahead of Barack Obama Campaign Appearance

    Virginia Democrat gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam’s campaign became ensconced in controversy this week as the Northam campaign printed fliers that excluded a picture of African American running mate Justin Fairfax.

    The Northam campaign created a Fairfax-free flier for the Democrat-leaning Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) that removes any reference to the lieutenant gubernatorial candidate Justin Fairfax because the union endorsed Ralph Northam but not Justin Fairfax.


  2. Pistol Pete

    McCain Rips Reporter’s Question on His Relationship With Trump: ‘Why Would You Ask Something That Dumb?’
    Is your relationship with the president frayed to the point that you are not going to support anything that he comes to you and asks for?” Doocy asked McCain on Capitol Hill.

    Almost before Doocy’s full question was out, McCain cut in.

    “Why would you say something that stupid?” the Arizona senator asked. “Why would you ask something that dumb, huh?”



  3. Pistol Pete

    WTH? Attorney General Sessions Says Rosenstein Can Investigate HIMSELF in Uranium One Criminal Probe
    Attorney General Jeff Sessions is compromised.
    He has to be.

    Deep State has something on him and the Attorney General is acting irrationally
    On Wednesday Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) asked Attorney General Sessions if Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will be allowed to investigate himself regarding new information on the Hillary Clinton Uranium One scandal.

    Attorney General Sessions said it was up to him.

    Attorney General Sessions: It would be his decision.

    What the hell?


  4. Pistol Pete

    Trump Admin Must Let Illegal Immigrant Get Abortion, Judge Says

    U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan ruled the government must either take the 17 year-old pregnant Texas teenager to have the abortion done or allow her guardian to take her to a clinic, Politico reported Wednesday.
    The pregnant teen, who immigrated to the United States illegally, has tried to get an abortion for a while. The Trump administration has been working against illegal immigrant minors who are living in shelters funded by the government from getting abortion since March.


  5. Pistol Pete

    Jefferson Davis school in Mississippi to be renamed after Barack Obama

    A predominantly black elementary school in Jackson, Mississippi, named after Confederate President Jefferson Davis, will be renamed after former President Barack Obama, leaders announced Tuesday.

    Davis Magnet IB PTA President Janelle Jefferson said during the Jackson Public Schools Board of Trustees meeting that school stakeholders voted earlier this month to rename the school Barack Obama Magnet IB, a move that will go into effect for the 2018-19 school year, The Clarion Ledger reported.


  6. Pistol Pete

    Jane Fonda on If She Is ‘Proud of America Today’: ‘No!’

    Jane Fonda: ‘I should have been braver’- BBC News


  7. Pistol Pete

    RNC Breaks Fundraising Record, ‘Fueled by Grassroots Enthusiasm’

    The Republican National Committee broke a fundraising record and raised more than $100 million during the first nine months of 2017, fueled by small-dollar donors at the center of a grassroots movement.
    Of the RNC’s direct contributions this year, almost 60 percent – more than $44 million of the $75 million in total – have come from small donations. Overall, over 98 percent of those who gave were small donors, those who donated less than $200.


  8. Pistol Pete

    ICYMI: CNN Reporter Mocked Mitch McConnell For Needing Help With Stairs; He’s A Polio Survivor

    President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell held a presser in the Rose Garden Monday, where the two men tried to downplay reports that there is any bad blood between them, among other things—many other things to be exact. Yet, when the two men made their exit, McConnell needed some assistance getting up the stairs. That’s when CNN’s Daniella Diaz decided to crack some jokes about the need for McConnell to lean on Trump to help him climb the steps. As it turns out, McConnell is a polio survivor, so he needs help from time to time, something that Diaz’s colleague Manu Raju tweeted.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I’m guessing said douchebag did NOT mock Her Shrillness about needing help with stairs.

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    • …CNN’s Daniella Diaz [joked about] … McConnell … a polio survivor…

      Remember when Trump waved his hands while describing a reporter (a gesture Trump had used with others) and the Enemy called him out for mocking someone with a disability?

      Now here’s CNN merrily mocking the aftermath of polio.

      Projection, projection, projection. Just look at what they accuse others of doing to see how they think.

      (My late oldest brother was a polio survivor, and although he was “cured,” it leaves its mark.)

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    I’m not sure what hitting Like does for a post. Is there some WordPress blogs center where an often-liked post gets moved up the “most popular” list or something?

    But what I’m really taking up a comment slot to ask is, what about those thumbs-up and thumbs-down buttons on comments? Because, I see that “Jefferson Davis school in Mississippi to be renamed after Barack Obama” got a thumbs-down from somebody. Is that a thumbs-down on the topic, or is it a thumbs-down on Pete for reporting it?

    This is why I don’t thumb anything.

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    • “Likes” do determine which posts end up in the “Top Posts and Pages” widget in the left sidebar — at least they do on PoliNation because we a) have a “Top Posts and Pages” widget, and b) have it set up so that the number of “likes” each post receives determines its ranking. (I have my blog set up the same way because I like to see which posts are the most popular [spoiler: it’s mostly the cat-related ones].)

      Not every blog has a “Top Posts and Pages” widget, but with or without one, just hitting “like” lets the author know that his/her post was seen and appreciated. Some WP bloggers don’t use the “like” button (it must be de-selected manually), which is kind of a pain. Without the option to click “like,” the only way to let the author know that his/her post was read, enjoyed, and appreciated is to leave a comment. I like to comment when I have time and something worthwhile to say, but when I’m short on time and/or energy, or can’t come up with anything more profound than “I read this and enjoyed it,” it really helps to have that “like” button.