When does life begin?

Some guy called Patrick Tomlinson tweeted what he considered to be proof positive that the “life begins at conception” crowd are hypocrites. Briefly, he proposed a situation where a pro-lifer is trapped in a burning fertility clinic and can rescue only a five-year-old child crying for help or a frozen box labeled “1000 Viable Human Embryos.” Which would you choose? The child, of course. GOTCHA! You don’t really believe life begins at conception. Ba-da-bum.

Matt Walsh skillfully and logically took his silly hypothetical to pieces. Just one paragraph of his article:

“It doesn’t matter how I value them personally. It’s their intrinsic value that matters. I value my family over your family but your family has the same intrinsic value. I’m making the decision based, as I said before, on emotion. I can see the child. I hear him crying. I’m looking him in the eyes. I grab him. It’s instinct. But there’s also some logic to it. I don’t really know how many of those embryos are still viable and whether they’ll ever be implanted and given the chance to develop. Again: this calculation WOULD NOT justify killing the embryos under any circumstance, but it would justify my decision to save the child instead. By the way, if it were a five-year-old and a 70-year-old in there, I’d save the five-year-old. If it were a five-year-old and Patrick Tomlinson in there, I’m still saving the five-year-old. Sorry, Pat. But does that mean Pat’s life has less value? Does that mean I could crush his skull and suck his brains out with a vacuum hose? No, it just means that my emotional impulse leads me to the child, not the pretentious pro-abortion dude who spends his time posing disingenuous hypotheticals.”

Tomlinson responded to Walsh’s response: “Oh Matty. If only I gave a shit what you think.”

Wait, what? Didn’t he specifically ASK pro-lifers to respond to his hypothetical?!

Walsh pithily responded with this.

2017_10 17 Walsh responds

Another tweeter added the cymbal crash with:

“It’s like watching Batman solve the Riddler’s puzzle, and the Riddler’s subsequent tantrum afterward.”




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  1. What if it had been a thousand five year olds in that hypothetical fire? Does the fact you can only save one mean that the other 999 aren’t living human beings, or that their lives are not worthy of saving?

    Tomlinson should stop taking out his brain to play with it, or someone will replace it with dryer lint like they did last time!

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  2. Ben Shapiro’s response to Tomlinson:


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I know he’s talking very fast and not discussing Catholic doctrine in particular, but I would like to clarify what he says about “mother over unborn baby” thing.

      The moral equation in Catholic doctrine is “treat both patients without doing positive harm to either” and NOT (as he seems to suggest) “save the mother over the child, because a born life is more valuable.”

      For example, say a fully formed child is stuck in the birth canal of a woman who is already exhausted and bleeding so much that a C-section will probably kill her. Catholic doctrine says the doctor may NOT crush the child’s skull to deliver it vaginally.

      The example he gives — e.g., the medical equation is “save one life or let two die” — falls under the “Law of Double Effect” which states that where doing a good thing will simultaneously result in a bad thing, the INTENTION TO DO GOOD is primary.

      A couple other examples include removing an embryo that has implanted in the Fallopian tube and giving pain medication to a dying patient despite the likelihood that the medication will shorten the patient’s remaining time on Earth.

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      • Ben is an Orthodox Jew and has been one since childhood, so it doesn’t surprise me that his understanding of Catholic doctrine is a little off. Matt (who is Catholic) probably did a better job overall of eviscerating Tomlinson’s idiocy, but I thought Ben’s response was also good and I enjoyed hearing it from a Jewish viewpoint.

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