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Want to lose weight? Get fermenting!

The tens of trillions of microorganisms living in your intestines regulate your metabolism, energy levels, satiety, amount of body fat, mood and behavior … for good or for ill. It all depends on whether your gut hosts primarily beneficial bugs or primarily pathogenic bugs. Studies are showing that a preponderance of pathogenic bugs can make you fat.

Gut biome and fat

The good news is that you can easily fix a bad gut biome by ingesting probiotic and prebiotic supplements and foods.

Probiotics are the militant, beneficial bugs that bump off the pathogenic bugs and set up housekeeping in your gut. You can take them in supplement form and/or eat them in raw or fermented plant foods.

Prebiotics are non-digestible compounds that feed the bugs in your large intestines and help them thrive and make lots and lots of babies. Please note that JUST eating prebiotics is not going to heal your gut. The pathogenic bugs eat that stuff too.

Cold potato starch is my personal favorite prebiotic. For some reason, when potatoes are hot, the starch changes to a form that is digestible. Even more oddly, when hot potatoes cool off, the starch changes to a non-digestible form. I like cold potatoes, so often have a bowl of them in the fridge for snacking.

Unsaturated fat can also be useful in healing an unhealthy gut biome. Bile helps control pathogenic bugs in the gut. Eating healthy, unsaturated fats (like coconut oil) will stimulate bile production and help you grow and maintain a healthy gut biome.


The microbiota–gut–brain axis in obesity. This article appeared in The Lancet. Published since 1823, The Lancet is currently the second ranked medical journal.


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Morally Bankrupt Entertainment Industry Totally Baffled as to How Culture Became Morally Bankrupt

From The Babylon Bee.

HOLLYWOOD, CA—In the wake of the recent Harvey Weinstein scandal sending shockwaves through Hollywood, the nation’s elite members of the entertainment industry have expressed their puzzlement at the fact that the country has fallen so far in morality and ethics, when the very same people have created and promoted entertainment that celebrates moral bankruptcy, sources confirmed.


Directors, actors, writers, and producers who have profited off disgusting, repulsive works that would have been unthinkable just a decade ago all voiced their shock at the fact that Weinstein’s behavior could go unchecked for so long, in addition to expressing incredulity at the nation’s indifference to President Trump’s total lack of moral character. Particularly outspoken on the nation’s morality was Steve Pink, director of Hot Tub Time Machine 2, who blasted the country for its lack of ethics, respect, and dignity.

“How did it get like this? How could we possibly have elected a reality TV star as our president?” one prominent director of reality TV shows said in an interview Friday evening. “I just don’t understand how reality TV’s empty values could possibly have infiltrated our society.”

Earlier this week, popular rapper Eminem even blasted President Trump for his disgusting ethics and repulsive lack of morals, the explicit hip-hop artist stating later that he has no idea why the nation’s sense of morality is so far askew. “Where do they get these violent tendencies?” he asked later. “It’s like they’re just coming up out of thin air.”

At publishing time, a wildly popular star of violent movies that glorify war, murder, and the U.S. industrial-complex expressed his total bafflement that the nation seems to have gotten increasingly violent both domestically and abroad.

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Post #2001 – A Spaced Idiocy

She just can’t help herself. Perhaps her ultimate desire for power and greed has driven her to madness. Her outward appearance of a simple liberal, hypocritical, babbling nonsense, refusing to accept reality, has been going on since they started losing total domination in 2010. The throne should have been hers. It was her turn. She waited for it, she protected a rapist for it, she stole hundreds of millions to purchase it, and it all ended in failure. It wasn’t fair. Someone had to be blamed for not getting what she wanted more desperately than life itself. The ultimate politician who spent decades preparing for her destiny, beaten by someone who took up politics on a lark.

Hillary Calls Trump An ‘Admitted Sexual Assaulter’

Hillary Clinton called President Trump an “admitted sexual assaulter” in an interview with the BBC on Friday, but dismissed rape allegations made against her husband, saying that they have “all been litigated” and were “clearly in the past.”

“Well, yes because that had all been litigated,” the former secretary of state responded.
“That was subject of a huge investigation, as you might recall, in the late 90s and there were conclusions drawn. That was clearly in the past,” she added.

Despite Clinton’s comments about all of those cases having been litigated, Broaddrick’s allegations were never investigated. She came forward only after Jones filed a lawsuit against Clinton. He settled the case by paying Jones $850,000.


Reporter to Clinton: So you still blame others more than yourself for loss?

Clinton: I don’t hate anyone

Hillary Says We Need To Explain To Trump Voters That They’re Being ‘Snookered’

Clinton, on “Fareed Zakaria GPS,” said, “We have to do a better job number one of explaining to people, you are being snookered. You know what? The real threat to your future is a government that doesn’t care about you and is taking actions that will make your life even harder and is favoring the wealthy beyond anything we have ever ever seen before.”

Clinton also said, “Look, [Trump’s] numbers are shrinking. The people who are still favorably disposed to him are really the hard core of his base.”

[CtH: I have a hard time taking approval ratings seriously, given how grotesquely biased the MSM news coverage is.]


Hillary Clinton: Misogyny is ‘endemic’

“I’m a middle-class girl from the middle of the country, and so I always struggled with like, OK, so what’s my story. And it suddenly dawned on me that I was the beneficiary of these radical changes in, you know, women’s rights and opportunities that began in the ’60s and continue and that I could have and maybe should have tried harder to tell that story,” she conceded.


‘State of Denial’: Hillary Clinton Blames Nigel Farage, Macedonian Fake News Factories, for Losing Election

Descending into the Democrat’s favoured and familiar conspiracy theories, she claimed campaign staffer John Podesta’s emails were hacked by Russian intelligence, exposed by WikiLeaks, which she called a “mouthpiece for Russian authoritarianism”, and were “weaponised” and turned into “phony news stories” at fake news factories in Macedonia (a small, former Yugoslav nation of a population of less than one-quarter of London’s).
Claiming that “the Russians wanted to help Trump and hurt me”, she alleged Russian President Vladimir Putin had a “personal grudge” against her.


EXCLUSIVE: We won’t give back a cent of Harvey Weinstein’s tainted $250,000 says the Clinton Foundation – we’ve spent accused rapist’s every cent claims group run by Bill and Chelsea

  • Clinton Foundation ends days of dodging questions over up to $250,000 it took from Harvey Weinstein to say it won’t hand it back.
  • Foundation already spent the money on its programs, spokesman tells DailyMail.com.
  • Those include lowering the cost of HIV medication and supporting women and girls in developing countries.
  • Chelsea Clinton ran from DailyMail.com reporter in Boston Saturday to avoid answering same question.
  • Foundation’s willingness to take foreign cash became huge controversy during White House campaign for Hillary Clinton.


The Clintons do not understand the nature of money

If there is anybody who should understand the nature of money, it’s a Clinton.
After all, other than power, money is the only thing the Clintons value.

After Chelsea was reduced to running from reporters asking whether the Clinton Foundation would return Harvey Weinstein’s sticky money, the Clintons finally addressed the issue.

But it’s their explanation that leaves me shaking my head. They can’t return the money because it’s already been spent.

[CtH: This reminds me of a boy I went to summer camp with in junior high. He borrowed a dollar from me for lunch and promised to repay the next day. When I asked him for it, he said he had lost “my” dollar.  In his mind, he seriously believed that, because the dollar he had intended to give me got lost, he therefore didn’t owe me anything!]

They’re greedy, self-serving, opportunistic and corrupt.  And as obsessed as they are with the optics of appearing generous, saintly, and charitable, the truth is, if the choice is between keeping dirty money and good optics, the optics lose every time.


Report: Hillary Clinton in Talks to Teach at Columbia University

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is plotting her next move after the release of her book last month and is reportedly looking at taking a formal teaching role at the Ivy League Columbia University.

The New York Daily News reports that Clinton is in discussions for a flexible role that would allow the former secretary of state to lecture across schools and departments without the requirement of a strict course.

[CtH: In other words, she can swan in to any class that’ll have her and rant about all the reasons she lost and Trump is evil and Columbia can use her name on their fundraising efforts to effete elite liberals.]

Her classes could include:

  • How to set up a phony nonprofit charity worth millions
  • How to get away with murder
  • Eliminate witness the easy way
  • Uranium sales for dummies
  • How to steal a reset button
  • How to make millions on a government salary
  • Lose six billion in funds and how to get away with it

…just to name a few.




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Getting Enough Iodine

Sea kelp

Iodine is essential for healthy functioning of the thyroid gland which, among other things, controls the body’s metabolism. During pregnancy and infancy, it also influences bone and brain development. Adults generally need 150 mcg of iodine per day. Pregnant and nursing women need more.

In the U.S., where iodized salt is commonly used in shakers and processed foods and iodine is used in commercial dairy production, most people get enough. I use sea salt and eat very little of the foods that are either naturally high in or supplemented commercially with iodine. Plus, I am hypothyroid.

So yesterday, I researched 2017 kelp reviews at:


  • Consumer Lab found three of the kelp supplements they tested contained more iodine than the FDA considers safe. Even worse, one contained arsenic.
  • Both sites approved Nature’s Life Icelandic Kelp, but the label itself says, “This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.” I don’t know what’s going on with that.
  • My own price check at Amazon sometimes did and sometimes did not match what the reviews listed.

In the past, I have tested positive for thyroid antibodies (Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis).  At the moment, my thyroid antibody level is normal, but I am cautious about iodine, because too much could trigger a recurrence.

Since the one tablet per day dose of iodine for some recommended brands was considerably higher than I want to take, I chose Country Life Arctic Kelp from Amazon for $8.50. It contains 300 tablets (3 cents each) of 225 mcg of iodine and is eligible for Amazon’s FREE Shipping offer.

For information on the dangers of taking too much iodine, see http://lpi.oregonstate.edu/mic/minerals/iodine#excess.


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Life Hacks

So many nifty ideas. I gotta quibble with one thing though. Knotting extension cords is not a “new” idea. My hubby and his construction buds have been doing it for years! Hubby Dearest also taught me a handy construction guy thing to keep a stored extension cord neat. After wrapping it around hand and elbow, plug the two ends of the cord together. It helps keep the circle from coming undone.

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Gotta Love Bunny’s Class Art Project

I majored in Art History. How could I not LOVE my granddaughter’s class learning about Van Gogh?! The sign says:

We learned about the Dutch painter, Vincent van Gogh. We saw how he used swirls of thick paint to make the night sky in his “The Starry Night” painting. Like him we became painters, but instead of using brushes we used sporks and cotton swabs to make swirly-textured lines on our glossy finger-paint paper shaped into feathers. Our swirly feathers make up these wings with the help of all the kindergarten classes. It’s fun to be a painter!”

2017_10 13 Bunny's class art project


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Hogwarts Express to the rescue!

Jon and Helen Cluett and their four young children were staying at a remote bothy in Lochaber when their canoe was swept away by a swollen river.

Facing a long walk back to their car across boggy land, they phoned the police for advice. To their delight, the police arranged for the steam train used in the Harry Potter films to pick them up.

2017_10 15 Hogwarts Express rescue

The train, called The Jacobite, is used for excursions on the West Highland Railway Line, crossing the iconic Glenfinnan Viaduct that also features in the movies.

“I’m slightly sad because I’d lost my boat,” the dad said. “But the kids, when they saw the steam train coming, all sadness left their little faces and was replaced by excitement and fun – just the real joy of having an adventure and having the train stop right next to them.”



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ACLU shows its true colors (again)

Allegedly, the A in ACLU stands for American. Their record shows it really stands for Anti-Christian.

ACLU Anti-Christian

In the past, the ACLU has represented gay couples in lawsuits against Christians who refused certain services to them.

But they’ve had NOTHING to say about the gay coffee shop owner who loudly, rudely, and profanely evicted a group of Christians who were quietly enjoying coffee!

Warning! This video contains extremely graphic, hate-filled, blasphemous language.


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