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Governor Jerry Brown to Open Internment Camps for Californians Who Use Wrong Pronoun

From The Babylon Bee.

SACRAMENTO, CA—California governor Jerry Brown signed an executive order Tuesday re-opening the internment camps utilized to illegally detain Japanese citizens during World War II in order to forcibly imprison anyone who misgenders another individual by using the wrong pronoun for him, her, or them.


The camps will be open for offenders by January 2018.

“Use the darn pronouns or shut up,” Brown said in a press conference. “Tolerance is so important to us in this great state that we can no longer tolerate those who disagree.”

“Every American has the right to free speech, so long as it agrees with the spirit of the age,” he added.

The governor has also reportedly okayed the expenditure of up to $7.5 billion on a state-of-the-art alarm system that will allow citizens to press a button on a nearby kiosk or using their smartphone, summoning a team of state “thought police” to carry the offending pronoun user away, “no questions asked.”

The measure will be funded by a 3,000% increase on the state’s modest gasoline taxes, sources confirmed.


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SPLC is a Hate Group

SPLC's agenda

Journalist and author Karl Zinsmeister explains how malicious the Southern Poverty Law Center really is.

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Gut Biome Basics

“Beyond their functions of digestion and absorption, the intestines are also one of the body’s major barriers to invasion. Whatever is in the gut is simply passing through and still belongs to the external world. Only after penetrating the bowel lining do substances and organisms enter the body proper. Since this protective function of the gut tissue is critical to well-being, it is generously supplied with its own local immune system, one that works in coordination with the body’s general immune defenses.” – When the Body Says No, by Gabor Maté, M.D. (p. 137)

Gut friendly vs unfriendly bacteria

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Mascot Update: Bunny Writes

Bunny has mild autism and has been in special ed pre-school and getting therapy. She has made so much progress that, this fall, all her peeps decided she was ready to mainstream kindergarten (with some helps). We’re so proud of her. And check out what she did this week, entirely on her own! She didn’t copy anything and Mama Buzz didn’t tell her what words to write or how to spell them. Wow!

2017_10 12 Bunny writes

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38 years!

I took yesterday off to celebrate with Dearest!  After 38 years, 3 daughters, 3 sons-in-law, 9 war deployments, and 6.25 grandkids, all we could say was, “Thank you, God! What a ride it’s been!”

1979_10 13 D&C wedding heads

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