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Hollywood hypocrisy

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Where’s Harvey?

As with all liberals, this scumbag is only contrite after he gets caught. Then they always look to deflect blame elsewhere. After all, Hillary losing was everybody else’s fault. In this case, it was no secret that Weinstein was a world class sexual predator who used his power to avail himself of many young starlets.
Roman Polanski was charged with the rape of a 13 year old and thought he’d be sentenced to probation for his minor peccadillo. When he heard he was headed to prison, he hauled ass for Europe where he hid out for decades. Don’t be surprised if Ol’ Harvey pulls the same stunt.

‘I gotta get help… we all make mistakes’: Harvey Weinstein’s meltdown in front of photographers as he leaves LA on a private jet for $40,000-a-month rehab clinic
Weinstein may be heading to The Meadows, a treatment facility in Arizona with a focused 45-day inpatient program for sex addiction and behavioral issues
DailyMail.com has learned the FBI opened an investigation into Weinstein

Serial sexual predator Harvey Weinstein has taken off for Europe ostensibly to seek treatment for his sexual deviance. Yeah, right. In the vast expanse of the United States of America, there isn’t one rehab for sex addiction?How stupid do you think we are, Harvey? No, this is Harvey pulling a Polanski.

NFL: “No one could damage an industry better then us.” Hollywood: “Hold my beer”


HILLARY CLINTON ‘Sick, Shocked, Appalled’ by Weinstein Allegations – Will Give His Donations to Charity (Wink-Wink)
Hillary said she was “sick, shocked and appalled” by allegations that Weinstein was a serial sexual predator.
Weinstein is a major donor and bundler for the Democrat Party.
“Well, there’s no one to give it back to. What other people are saying, what my former colleagues are saying, is that they’re going to donate it to charity, and of course I will do that.”
…Says the woman who wrote off used underpants on her tax returns!

Hillary Clinton Dodges Question on Re-Donating Tainted Weinstein Contributions



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The Bottom Line

In a letter to owners, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wrote: “We believe that everyone should stand for the national anthem.”

2017_10 02 NFL by Terrell



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Left vs. Right: Buying Political Influence

Big Bucks PP vs NRA


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Pope Francis: Wrong Again

On October 11, 2017, Pope Francis said the Catechism of the Catholic Church should be revised to reflect his opinion that capital punishment is contrary to the Gospel.

He’s wrong. The teaching of the Church on the permissibly of capital punishment has stood for 20 centuries and it’s taken from Divine Revelation, which means it is infallible, and not subject to change, not even by a pope.

Read about it here:


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Maybe they meant well, but they were wrong

Lee Ohanian, Professor of Economics at UCLA and consultant to the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, explains why Presidents Hoover and FDR created, then extended the Great Depression.

Hoover and the Great Depression

Did FDR End the Great Depression?


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Now a Word from Adolf


The left is fond of calling republicans ‘Hitler.’ First George W. Bush, then Romney, now Trump.

Recently, Adolf was informed about the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Hitler phones Kim Jong-un

Hitler takes too much Viagra

Hitler Interviews Prostitutes For The SS

Hitler phones an Indian call center

Hitler gets attacked by President Trump

Hitler works at McDonald’s

Hitler Is Informed His Pizza Will Arrive Late

Hitler gets the electricity bill

It’s early, I was bored, and I was too busy to post anything yesterday.

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