Religious Liberty Restored!

2017_10 09 Religious Liberty Restored

President Trump has delivered!

The HHS Mandate will no longer be enforced against organizations with a sincerely held religious or moral objection. The exemption must be granted to anyone with a reasonable objection who requests it. The days of pleading for a waiver are over.

What’s more, Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a powerful memorandum about religious liberty to all federal agencies and departments. Among other things, it says:

  • The freedom of religion is an important, fundamental right, expressly protected by federal law.
  • The freedom of religion extends to persons and organizations.
  • Government may not officially favor or disfavor particular religious groups.
  • Religious employers are entitled to employ only persons whose beliefs and conduct are consistent with the employers’ religious precepts.
  • The federal government may not condition federal grants or contracts on the religious organization altering its religious character, beliefs, or activities.

The burden of proof has finally shifted back to the government where it belongs. This is a great leap forward for our First Amendment right to religious freedom.


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