Mama Buzz sent me these videos

These guys calculated where in the U.S. they could watch the eclipse AND see the International Space Station TRANSIT in front of it. It turned out one of them knew people who owned land there, so they were able to get permission to set up their equipment and film. Wild! The ISS transit begins at 3:48. And their photos of the eclipse begin at 6:27.

This is a nifty compilation of 22 of the best photos taken by anyone anywhere.

And finally, Mama Buzz recently got to hear these guys perform this in concert! What a privilege. She wants me to point out to you that they do NOT have any instruments, JUST their voices! In this arrangement, the two guys on either end are doing the instrumentals. And yes, that guy on the right really IS doing all the drum sounds with his MOUTH. I’m listening for the third time … I need a tissue!

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