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Eat too little, get fat

Sounds weird, right? But the phenomenon is well documented.

“The act of reducing the amount of calories that you consume for a sustained period of time (more than 21 consecutive days) causes a number of damaging changes to your metabolism, hormones and thyroid systems. The result is what most people have come to know as starvation mode.”


The study linked below found that more than 90% of the “Biggest Loser” contestants who were tracked over time gained back all of the weight they lost during the competition. And this was despite the fact that they had continued to eat fewer calories.

  • Why? Because their bodies continued to burn, on average, 700 calories LESS per DAY than before the competition!

And the reason is common sense simple. Our metabolisms don’t know we have ready access to grocery stores year round. They adapt to a reduction in calories as if it were due to a bad harvest or an extra long winter. They go into starvation mode in order to help us survive until food is plentiful again.

Some of the symptoms of starvation mode include a body temperature 1-2 degrees below normal; cold hands, cold feet, or cold intolerance; constant fatigue; changes to hair texture or thickness; hair loss; irritability; depression; food cravings; dizziness or lightheadedness; trouble falling asleep or staying asleep.

If your metabolism has been damaged by low calorie dieting, the article linked below offers guidance.


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Former Conservative Recalls Belittling Tirade from College Student That Brought Him Over to Left


ST. PAUL, MN—Explaining how the string of personal insults and sharply worded accusations caused him to reevaluate every one of his political leanings, former conservative Vincent Welsh recalled for reporters Friday the belittling tirade from a college student that brought him over to the left.

“It was last October and I’d just mentioned my support for a Republican congressional candidate on Twitter when this 19-year-old responded by telling me I was an ignorant asshole who hated the poor and that I was everything that was wrong with the world, and it just completely opened my eyes to how incorrect my whole worldview was,” said Welsh, fondly recounting how the sophomore sociology major converted him to liberalism on the spot by calling him a hateful bigot and saying he was too much of a “brainwashed puppet” of corporate interests to know what was best for him, instantaneously invalidating the 56 years of individual thought and life experience that had led him to his previous political beliefs.

“I remember how he said anyone who didn’t support Scandinavian-style social policies was nothing more than a greedy capitalist leech and I was just like, ‘Wow, yes, that makes total sense.’ And then when he called me a fascist piece of shit and condescendingly asked if I’d ever once looked up from my copy of Atlas Shrugged, that was the moment I saw what a complete fool I’d been and knew I had to reject all my political positions and adopt his ideology in total.”

Welsh then expressed his deep gratitude that the young man had even stopped to direct the series of derogatory tweets at him in the first place, saying he would likely still be a “money-grubbing racist shithead who spends all day sucking the Koch brothers’ dicks” if not for the magnanimous individual.

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Time Sensitive Memes

While doing the last post I accidentally hit “edit post” button and couldn’t recover. These are like today’s newspapers. Tomorrow they’ll be irrelevant.



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Never Forget

Sixteen years ago, just a blink in the millennia of time, but a day that changed many of us forever. We’d never heard of Usama Bin Laden or Al Quaeda. Our intelligence agencies knew who was behind it almost instantaneously, but had done nothing. Imagine if George W. Bush had taken the measures necessary to stop these Muslim scum from boarding a plane. It would have given the media yet another excuse to heap raw sewage on the man they never forgave for foiling their blatant attempt to steal a presidential election. After the slaughter of 3,000 Americans, they pretended to put the country ahead of politics for almost a week before the antagonism began anew.

President Trump issues 9/11 Proclamations

The White House made the announcements Friday in official statements.

“During National Days of Prayer and Remembrance, our Nation recalls the nearly 3,000 innocent people murdered on September 11, 2001. As we reflect on our sorrow and our grief, we come together to pray for those who lost loved ones,” Trump said. “As a Nation, we pray that the love of God and the comfort of knowing that those who perished are forever remembered brings them peace and gives them courage.”


DHS Secretary Duke Signs Jones Act Waiver to Secure Fuel After Major Hurricanes Irma and Harvey

The DHS said the waiver will ensure that over the next week, all options are available to distribute fuel to states and territories impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, both of which have turned out to be historic storms.


I saw this and couldn’t help but remember the disgraceful way the Muslim prick who defiled our country for eight years behaved in the face of natural disaster. When the BP oil spill happened, he refused to suspend the Wilson Act, which would have allowed ships under foreign flags to enter American waters with the equipment and experience to keep the oil slick from reaching landfall. He steadfastly refused to grant the Gulf governors permission to do ANYTHING for TWO LONG MONTHS until it made landfall and destroyed hundreds of businesses and put thousands out of work. He did this to have an excuse to declare a moratorium on oil exploration in the region.

Deadly ice storms in Kentucky… tornadoes in Oklahoma and Missouri… nothing. Not even a mention. Those states didn’t vote for him, so to hell with them. Superstorm Sandy was nothing for him but an opportunity to be seen with Governor Krispy Kreme, strictly for P.R. After Katrina he concentrated his efforts on defending Ray “School Bus” Nagin for his felony incompetence handling the disaster that befell New Orleans. Thousands fled to Houston, where some are likely still in those FEMA trailers. Such are the results of electing a myth, someone’s fantasy of a man who was the most completely unqualified to do anything in modern history. The tragedy is he’ll never go away and the media whores will never speak what they know is true about him.

Trump Stations 1,000 Marines off Florida Coast for Irma Relief Operations


“We train for this kind of mission. It’s in the DNA of the Marine Expeditionary Unit to rapidly respond to crisis when called upon,” 26th MEU Executive Officer Lt. Colonel Christopher Timothy said in a statement obtained by Breitbart Texas. “Alongside our Navy partners, we stand strong and ready to help those affected by this storm in whatever way we can.”

From the deck of the two warships, Marine pilots are prepared to place five Osprey. six Super Stallions, and three Huey helicopters wherever they are needed to provide assistance and support to local rescue and recovery operations.


Trump Chides FEMA for Denying Disaster Relief to Churches

FEMA’s decision to reject disaster relief funding to three churches in Texas seeking to rebuild their communities in the wake of Hurricane Harvey is causing leaders to shake their heads. All three have filed lawsuits against the agency.  President Trump said the churches deserve those funds.


Florida Shopper Gives Last Generator to Stranger Behind Him in Line


A Good Samaritan in a Florida store brought one customer to tears Thursday after he gave up the store’s last generator to a stranger behind him in line.


At least 32 looters are arrested across Florida during Irma crime spree

Thieves prompt SWAT standoff after robbing a store for GUNS while others are caught on camera breaking into a sports shop.

Two groups of looters were caught on camera Sunday ransacking two separate sporting goods stores in hurricane-hit South Florida.

At least eight people were filmed by an ABC crew breaking into Simon’s Sportswear in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

In midtown Miami, a local reporter watched as at least a dozen looters undertook what appeared to be a well-coordinated theft of a sporting goods shop.  No one in either group has been identified.

A Broward County sheriff’s deputy shot a teenager and arrested another after they allegedly broke in to a home in the affluent suburb of Weston.

Fort Lauderdale police announced the arrest of two 28-year-old men who are alleged to have broken into six homes late Saturday night.

A utility company near Orlando is reporting that residents are complaining of looters posing as utility workers who rob homeowners at gunpoint.



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