Betcha Satan loves Sarah Silverman’s hurricane meme

2017_09 08 Silverman don't pray meme

Tweeter Kyle Foley was incensed.

  • This is such an unbelievably f**king stupid take. People’s lives are in danger and “believing in science” won’t stop these storms.
  • Scoring cheap political points while islands are getting leveled and people are fleeing for their lives is an all-time low.
  • More importantly, we haven’t seen storms as bad as Harvey and Irma in 12 years. We’ve also had storms like this for CENTURIES.
  • They aren’t suddenly increasing in frequency or strength, they’ve always been bad and they’re still very rare.
  • Just pisses me off that while I’m helping ppl board up homes and watching friends evacuate, assholes are using it for political gain.



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5 responses to “Betcha Satan loves Sarah Silverman’s hurricane meme

  1. One Hollyweird dimwit said the hurricanes were targeting Florida because of Trump. Gee. I must have missed that day in science class when Mother Nature was discussed!

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  2. There have always been hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, wildfires, and so on, and anyone with an IQ above room temperature is aware of this. The notion that natural disasters are getting worse than they’ve ever been before is simply indicative of intellectual laziness. Yes, natural disasters are more destructive than they used to be, for the obvious reason that there is now more to destroy — more property to demolish, more people to kill. If a hurricane strikes some place where there are no people and no property, then obviously it will do less damage; if it strikes where there are a lot of people and a lot of property, there will be a lot of damage. A reasonably intelligent ten-year-old could figure that out.

    Also, anyone who thinks that giving more money and power to government (always the prescription of the left) will somehow reduce the destructiveness of natural disasters is an imbecile.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I’ve also seen them compare destruction dollar values without correcting for inflation. Duh. Sadly, one place I saw this done frequently was by people positing that the End Times are upon us.

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