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MORE proof of voter fraud

2016_11 NH Senate candidates

In the November 2016 election, 6,540 voters used out-of-state driver licenses to cast ballots via New Hampshire’s lax same-day voter registration law.

Of those, 5,313 neither registered a vehicle in New Hampshire nor obtained a New Hampshire driver’s license by the state’s deadline for new residents.

Consider these facts:

  • The most likely individuals to go to New Hampshire to vote illegally are those who are closest to New Hampshire.
  • All of the states surrounding New Hampshire are Democrat strongholds.
  • Democrat Maggie Hassan beat Republican incumbent Kelly Ayotte for the Senate seat by only 1,017 votes in November 2016.
  • 5,313 fraudulent votes were cast in New Hampshire in November 2016.

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Betcha Satan loves Sarah Silverman’s hurricane meme

2017_09 08 Silverman don't pray meme

Tweeter Kyle Foley was incensed.

  • This is such an unbelievably f**king stupid take. People’s lives are in danger and “believing in science” won’t stop these storms.
  • Scoring cheap political points while islands are getting leveled and people are fleeing for their lives is an all-time low.
  • More importantly, we haven’t seen storms as bad as Harvey and Irma in 12 years. We’ve also had storms like this for CENTURIES.
  • They aren’t suddenly increasing in frequency or strength, they’ve always been bad and they’re still very rare.
  • Just pisses me off that while I’m helping ppl board up homes and watching friends evacuate, assholes are using it for political gain.



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