Solar Flares Coming Our Way

This from Alert Reader ZMalfoy: “There are 3 Coronal Mass Ejections heading our way, the first to impact this evening. None are “kill shots”, but the effect of three big ‘uns so close together could cause electrical grid disruptions (in addition to various health issues and boosting the power of current storms). Like getting shot with a smaller caliber bullet, one might not do you in, but three close together can do serious damage. This info is from guys whom I have monitored for years, and they never panic, never spread rumors. They are calm and solid, and they’re a bit concerned, like . . . 10% concerned.”

14th Largest Flare Ever Recorded, Largest in 12 Years


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4 responses to “Solar Flares Coming Our Way

  1. freedom1781

    With all this stuff happening at an alarming pace–deadly hurricanes, North Korea, celestial events, massive wildfires, the Islamic caliphate, increased terrorism, etc.–I believe that we are witnessing the end of days. To quote Johnny Cash, “it’s goin’ by the Book”.

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  2. Rian

    Maybe the sun is experiencing global warming…

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