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This Monster Known as Harvey

We’ve been in touch with our relatives in the area. Their opinion is: “This is WAY worse than Katrina!” Eighteen counties have been declared disasters. It’s hard to fathom.

We claim two households in the area. One family home is fine and the inhabitants are helping with relief efforts. The other family was out of state to view the eclipse, so they’re safe, but their house is flooded, so they are staying where they are for now.

TEXAS NOAD: This page has a list of organizations working on hurricane relief.

Mattress Mack: Joel Osteen may have said NO, but this capitalist not only rescued, but is also housing and feeding hundreds in his STORES!

Aug 29, 2017: Trump at the Emergency Operations Center [1:44]

Aug 29, 2017: Briefing on Hurricane Relief Efforts [13:16] < WORTH THE TIME! It is refreshing to see good, competent people in charge.

Some of the Many True Acts of Heroism During Hurricane Harvey – Be sure to watch the ones that start at 2:54 and 8:16! There are more videos in the column on the right side of the screen. I’m watching them and sniffling. SO proud of my fellow Americans!

These guys deployed from my state. 🙂 This video shows them using a special harness to rescue a ONE MONTH OLD baby! I need a tissue.


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Are You Ready for Some Football?

It seems like yesterday my beloved grandson made his entrance into the world:

He grew up right before our eyes:

Tonight we attend his first game in the big stadium at Winnebago High School where he just started his freshman year:

The Winnebgo Junior Varsity team, about 20 players strong, will face a squad from Stillman Valley which travels with 60-70 players. The Cardinals may outnumber the ‘Bago Indians, but they will never outclass them.
At 14 years old RJ is almost 6’1″. His co-ordination hasn’t kept up with his growth and he sometimes runs like he has a load in his pants, but he’ll get there. Small towns really support their teams and everybody joins in the fun. Amid all the violent, ugly things going on in the world, Friday nights are like a weekly celebration of what the American spirit can achieve.
Now if we can just keep his mother under control when he gets tackled. She takes it as an affront somebody does that to her baby. Moms are like that.


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