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Thursday Tidbits

Just got into a battle of wits with a black guy on a Chicago Bears fanblog,of all things.It wasn’t a fair fight.He went off on a rant about teams “whiteballing” that racist punk,Colin Kaepernick,just because he wouldn’t stand for that “raggedy-ass flag.”That hit a sore spot with your intrepid reporter.I told him better men than him have died for his right to spread his racist horseshit,usually using all caps for emphasis.It’s been bad enough being a Bears fan the past few years,but some people just can’t help but inject their grievances into any conversation.
Melania Gives Speech at UN About Protecting Children – Liberals Trash 11-Year-Old Barron
Nothing is too low for liberals.

First Lady Melania gave a beautiful speech at the UN on Wednesday calling for world leaders to protect children

North Korean Defector Describes In Detail Kim Jong Un’s Extremely Brutal Executions

“The musicians were brought out, tied up, hooded and apparently gagged, so they could not make a noise, not beg for mercy or even scream,” Hee Yeon explained. “They were lashed to the end of anti-aircraft guns.”

“A gun was fired, the noise was deafening, absolutely terrifying and the guns were fired one after the other,” she said. “The musicians just disappeared each time the guns were fired into them. Their bodies were blown to bits, totally destroyed, blood and bits flying everywhere.”
Hee Yeon revealed that Kim’s henchman plucked North Korean schoolgirls from their homes to work as sex slaves.

“Officials came to our schools and picked out teenage girls to work at one of his ‘hundreds’ of homes around Pyongyang,” Hee Yeon said. “They take the prettiest and ensure they have straight, good legs.”

“They have to sleep with him and they cannot make a mistake or object because they could very easily simply disappear,” she explained to reporters, citing reports from one of her friends.

Hillary Clinton claims she’s the ‘Paula Revere’ of the Russia scandal

Obama: It’s Aggravating That People Are Trying To Repeal My Flawed Health Care Law

“Now, the legislation that we passed was full of things that still need to be fixed. It wasn’t perfect, but it was better,” Obama said. “So when I see people trying to undo that hard-won progress for the 50th or 60th time, with bills that would raise costs or reduce coverage or roll back protections … It is aggravating

Democrats caught inciting anti-police riots in St. Louis

The St. Louis Young Democrats are working hand-in-hand with Black Lives Matter to organize protests in the city, now entering their sixth night, and the mayor says she is “listening.”

The Young Democrats tweeted Wednesday at about 12:20 p.m. that the next “protest” in response to the not-guilty verdict in the Jason Stockley trial was planned for Wednesday evening, instructing rioters where to show up and at what time, hashtagging #Black Lives Matter on the tweet.

Trump Assures GOP Repeal Covers What Dems Want

“I would not sign Graham-Cassidy if it did not include coverage of pre-existing conditions. It does! A great Bill. Repeal & Replace,” Trump tweeted Wednesday.

In Leaked Footage, MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Has Meltdown During Live Show Filming

Leftists Get Kids Cancer Fundraiser Cancelled Because It was At Trump Golf Course
The “Tri at the Trump” triathlon to raise money for kids with cancer was cancelled this week.
Leftists complained about the name.
Even after the organizers changed the name to “Tri for Good” the bitter leftists were still upset so the organizers cancelled the event.

But this year, the Tri at the Trump organizers say potential participants were triggered by the Trump name, and, over the summer, the group received several aggressive complaints about both the event, and the Trump National Golf Course.



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Speaker Ryan Invites a Social Doctrine Conversation

By George Weigel.

CNN is not the customary locale-of-choice for a catechesis on Catholic social doctrine. But that’s what Paul Ryan, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, offered viewers of a CNN national town hall meeting on the evening of August 21.

Challenged with a semi-“Gotcha!” question by Sinsinawa Dominican Sister Erica Jordan, who not-so-subtly suggested that Ryan’s approach to healthcare reform, tax reform, and welfare reform was in conflict with the Church’s social teaching, the very Catholic Speaker replied that he completely agreed with Sister Erica that God is “always on the side of the poor and dispossessed”; the real question was, how do public officials, who are not God, create public policies that empower the poor and dispossessed to be not-poor and not-dispossessed?

Congressman Ryan then laid out an approach to alleviating poverty and empowering the poor that seemed to me entirely congruent with the core Catholic social ethical principles of subsidiarity and solidarity. Solidarity with the poor is a moral imperative, Ryan agreed, but solidarity should not be measured by inputs—How many federal dollars go into anti-poverty programs?—but by outcomes: Are poor people who can live independent and fruitful lives being helped by our welfare dollars to develop the skills and habits that will enable them to be self-reliant, constructive citizens? The moral obligation of solidarity is not met by programs that perpetuate welfare dependency.

Speaker Ryan is a longstanding advocate of decentralizing and (as he puts it) “customizing” social welfare programs. That means abandoning one-size-fits-all attempts to address poverty and looking to the states, where a lot of the creativity in American government resides these days, for approaches that actually empower the poor, because they treat poor people as men and women with potential to be unleashed, not simply as clients to be maintained. Proposals to decentralize social welfare programs and give the states the funds necessary to conduct all sorts of customized efforts to empower the poor—crafted so that each “fits” the vast array of distinct circumstances we find in impoverished America—strike me as a sensible application of the social doctrine’s principle of subsidiarity. That principle, first articulated by Pope Pius XI in 1931, teaches us to leave decision-making at the lowest possible level in society, closest to those most directly affected by the policy in question. Paul Ryan thinks Washington doesn’t have to decide everything; Pius XI would have agreed.

The fact that poverty remains a serious problem in the United States after the federal government has spent $22 trillion dollars on social welfare programs over the past fifty years should have taught us all something about the complex problems of empowering the poor. No one with any sense or experience imagines that he or she has the silver-bullet answer to poverty in all its social, cultural, economic, and political dimensions; I know my friend Speaker Ryan doesn’t think he does.

But unlike those who insist on measuring an official’s or a party’s commitment to the poor by inputs rather than outcomes (an approach that tends to instrumentalize the poor and render social welfare policy a cash transaction rather than a human encounter), Paul Ryan and reform conservatives like him are willing to face the fact that there is no direct correlation between magnitude-of-dollar-inputs and success-of-human-outcomes when it comes to anti-poverty programs. Inner-city Catholic schools (the Church in America’s most effective social welfare program) demonstrate that time and again: They spend less than the government schools, and their students learn much more—and not just in quantifiable, standardized-testing terms.

America needs many serious conversations in this age of the demagogic tweet and the rabid talk-radio sound-bite. One of them is about the scandal of poverty amidst vast wealth and the empowerment of the poor. That conversation is not advanced when, as happened after the CNN broadcast, smug partisans attack a serious Catholic public official by suggesting that he’s deficient in both his moral commitment to the poor and his understanding of Catholic social doctrine. Paul Ryan is no more the reincarnation of Simon Legree than Sister Erica Jordan and her fellow Sinsinawa Dominicans are the reincarnation of Ingrid Bergman/Sister Mary Benedict in The Bells of St. Mary’s. Keeping that in mind would help foster the thoughtful debate that the Speaker, and the country, would welcome.

George Weigel is Distinguished Senior Fellow of Washington, D.C.’s Ethics and Public Policy Center, where he holds the William E. Simon Chair in Catholic Studies.

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Facts and the Liberal Agenda

FACTS and liberal agenda

President Trump’s total vindication over his wiretap claim reminds me of one of the most important things I have discovered over the past couple of years: If the national media loses its ever-loving mind and launches a campaign to brand Trump a liar, that can mean only one thing — that Trump is not only telling the truth, he is telling a Big Truth, an inconvenient truth, a truth the MSM does not want the American people to hear.” – Nick Nolte

  • In February 2017, The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, McClatchy, NBC News, ABC News, the BBC, CBS News, and the Associated Press all gleefully trumpeted the news that the Obama administration had used the mighty powers of the federal government to spy on Team Trump, including outright “wiretaps.”
  • In March 2017, Trump said the same thing, at which point the Left Stream Media embarked on a six month lying spree, during which they ignored that their own reporting ever existed.  They even went so far as to attack media outlets like Breitbart that continued to tell the truth about Obama’s abuse of power.

“In a coordinated campaign, almost every media outlet in the country, almost every Big Shot reporter in America, purposely and with the intent to deceive, looked you dead in the eye and LIED to you; repeatedly gaslighted, swindled, conned, and hustled you. Oh, and so did the media’s chief bootlickers — those pathetic, cowardly, lying liars in the #NeverTrump crowd.” – Nick Nolte


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Trump Declares War!

At any rate, you would think so if you listened to the lefts’ reaction to his remarkable speech to the U.N. yesterday. He served notice to one and all that he was, indeed, in charge. He called out North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela, and called terrorists what they are: radical Islamists, words that Barack Obama could never manage to utter. His address was welcomed by the right and left the socio-communists in horror.

Freak Out: ABC Assails Trump Speech as ‘Bordering on Threat’ of ‘War Crime’

ABC journalist Terry Moran suffered a full meltdown as he reacted to Donald Trump’s United Nations speech on Tuesday. The network’s chief foreign correspondent condemned the President’s warning to North Korea as “bordering on the threat of a war crime.” Bizarrely, he claimed that the speech, which warned Iran and condemned socialism in Venezuela, was one Vladimir Putin would give and that dictators everywhere would love.

Hillary says Trump’s UN speech was ‘very DARK’ and ‘DANGEROUS’
The Hillinator is still being asked to comment on stuff and I have no idea why, but she thinks her opinion still matters to Americans. It’s sad really.  Uhm… yeah I mean she might have a point but no one cares what Hillary says. And in fact, according to the lovely and brilliant Dana Perino, who is no fan of Trump, the speech was well received by the right and those in the center.

Trump slams Venezuela at UN; Maduro calls him ‘Hitler’

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro hit back by calling the U.S. president “the new Hitler” of international politics. He also accused Trump of threatening to assassinate him, even though Trump did no such thing. What Trump threatened was to build upon sweeping economic sanctions that the U.S. slapped on Venezuela last month if Maduro “persists on a path to impose authoritarian rule.”

CNN Rolls Out Their Obama Alumni To Attack Trump’s Speech
Both national security reporter Jim Sciutto — a former Obama appointee — and analyst John Kirby — a former State Department spokesman whose job it was to defend the Iran deal during the Obama years — attacked Trump’s speech.

CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer declined to inform CNN’s viewers of Sciutto’s previous tenure in the Obama administration, presenting him as an objective reporter on Trump’s speech, in which the president attacked the Iran deal — one of the defining pillars of Obama’s legacy — as a national embarrassment.

Clinton criticizes Trump’s ‘rocket man’ nickname for North Korean leader

“When you face dangerous situations like what is happening in North Korea, to make it clear, your first approach should always be diplomatic,” Clinton said during an appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

‘Holy Sh**’: Trump at the U.N.
A Jacksonian speech in Turtle Bay

As someone said on Twitter, never before has been there so much murmuring of “holy sh**” in so many different languages. Donald Trump’s speech at the United Nations was a sometimes awkward marriage of conventional Republican foreign policy and a very basic version of Trump’s nationalism.

Trump Hits Home Run for America in UN Speech
President Trump gave his first official speech to the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday morning, and was immediately berated by the New York Times (Trump’s “characteristically confrontational message”) and the Washington Post (“Trump’s menacing United Nations speech, annotated”). Sen. Dianne Feinstein lambasted him for words that “greatly escalated the danger” from Iran and North Korea. And the foreign minister of Venezuela’s socialist dictatorship, Jorge Arreaza — apparently trying to formulate some sort of supreme insult — compared Trump in 2017 to President Ronald Reagan in 1982.  With that kind of reaction, you might just start to suspect that Trump did something right.

Huckabee: Trump’s ‘courageous’ speech is what UN needs

Trump U.N. speech was vintage Trump: Nigel Farage

Newt Gingrich analyzes Trump’s ‘remarkable’ UN speech

[CtH: If you only have time for one article or interview today, I’d recommend this one.  Gingrich talks not only about Trump’s UNGA speech, but also about our military’s readiness and the Obama DOJ’s egregious violations of our civil liberties.]

Netanyahu: No Speech At The UN Has Ever Been Bolder Or More Courageous Than President Trump’s Speech


Families of Americans Imprisoned in Iran Applaud Trump’s Call for Their Return in UN Speech
During Trump’s speech to the United Nations, he demanded that Iran free all Americans, as well as those from other countries, who the regime is holding captive on false charges.


Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar Explain North Korea

Come along with the ladies of The View as they take long detours into strange lands uninhabited by logic or knowledge. THIS IS HARD TO WATCH.






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Worth watching

“It’s immoral to act if it’s not going to make a difference and it is going to hurt poor people.” I wish Pope Francis would listen to this guy!

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Multiculturalism is crap

We all know this is true, including those who defend multiculturalism, all the while CONDEMNING Western Civilization! After all, if ALL cultures are EQUAL, then that should include OURS. Dinesh D’Souza talks about why our values are worth defending not merely because they are ours, but because they are good.

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Pelosi gets a taste

Republicans get this kind of garbage thrown at them all the time. I don’t approve of it, but dayum, it’s funny and refreshing to watch Fancy Nancy get screamed at … and in uber leftie Democrat SAN FRANCISCO of all places! Bwahahaha!

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Socialism, Communism, and Fascism

I agree with Rand with the following addition, which is that, far from being a “right-wing” version of these two “left-wing” evils, Fascism is just another form of oppressive totalitarian government. The three differ only in their details, but not at all in their essence.



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