As the Trumps headed to Texas, our FAKE NEWS media focused on the Big Issues, like Melania’s shoes.

2017_08 29 Shoes

After hating on hurricane victims, this Leftie got shown the door to the unemployment line.

2017_08 27 Karma

Meanwhile, a younger, black Texan man helped an older, white Texan woman. Cuz that’s how REAL Texans roll.

2017_08 29 Grandma rescue


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7 responses to “Harvey

  1. They were hating on her for wearing a baseball cap that said FLOTUS, too, even though she looked more elegant in it than the last FLOTUS did in anything she wore.

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  2. jbob45

    Observation from ground-zero, post-Harvey, h’yar in Houston. As more and more folks pitch in to help others, more and more shrill cries are heard from other parts about how f*cked up we are for self-reliance. To our friends, I say go figure. To the haters, go shtup yourselves and the Big Federal horse you ride around on.

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