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tumeric and black pepper

A couple years ago, I read a brief blog by someone who sounded like she knew what she was about. It just said that the goodies in turmeric were much more bio-available if you warmed it in oil with black pepper before cooking. This article is far more informative, but ends up at the same place. 🙂

I immediately stopped stuffing turmeric into gel caps and started cooking with it routinely. I’ve come to rely on this blend as my starting point for many dishes, particularly ones with rice and vegetables. I also like to sauté chopped onions in it to add to crock pot soups and stews; this really adds a BLAST of flavor to dishes that can otherwise turn into “crock pot blah.”

On low heat (3 on my electric stove), melt a glob of refined coconut oil. Add 1/4 tsp each of turmeric and black pepper, plus 1/2 tsp salt. Stir until warm and well blended. (I often add a pinch of ginger and cinnamon as well, maybe Italian seasoning or, if I’m doing fish or poultry, some poultry seasoning.) Proceed with recipe.

While the oil and spices are warming, I chop up onions and toss them in, cuz I like them well done. Then I chop and add fermented garlic and whatever’s in the hydrator that appeals to me at the moment. (I’m a seat of the pants kinda cook! LOL) Stir in some pre-cooked meat or fish, if I’m in the mood, then pile on enough pre-cooked rice to make up two servings. Stir, cover, and let it fester on low heat while I set the table, pour the kombucha, and rustle up my spousal unit.

I think doing it this way retains a lot of the goodness in the veg, since it doesn’t cook very long. And it turns rice such a pretty color. Plus, lookie here, what it says in the article … black pepper helps cure vitiligo! I haven’t noticed particularly that my pinto hubby has lost any of his spots, but I haven’t been paying attention either. I sure will now! 🙂

3 Ways to Boost Turmeric’s Bioavailability for Ultimate Health Benefits

Turmeric is pronounced TOO mer ick.

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