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The Sublime and the Ridiculous

Just a couple things that go to extremes.

Memphis Theater Cancels Showing of ‘Gone With the Wind’ After Alt-Left Complains of Racism
The Orpheum Theater in Memphis cancelled the annual showing of “Gone With the Wind” after alt-left complaints of racism.
The historic Memphis theater has shown the movie for decades.

Black actress Hattie McDaniel won the first Academy Award won by an African American actor.

Renowned Artist Releases Powerful Painting of Trump and the People Who Elected Him: ‘You Are Not Forgotten’
Famed American artist Jon McNaughton has released a stirring new painting of President Donald Trump, standing in front of the White House, along with the “forgotten men and women,” he says, who elected the nation’s 45th president.

“When I decided to paint this picture, I wondered if this was taking it too far. But sometimes you have to speak forcefully like the brush strokes of my painting.”

Of the snake at Trump’s feet, McNaughton explains:

“I want a president that will crush the enemies of liberty, justice, and American prosperity. They may have the power to bruise his heel, but he will have the power to crush their head.”

McNaughton said those who voted for Trump knew exactly what they were getting, which is why they voted for him in the first place:


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In Honor of National Dog Day

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