Not That Anybody Cares, But….

Live results: Alabamageddon

Why watch the results, then? Because: There are potentially major implications for Trump if Strange either strongly overperforms or underperforms. Trump has endorsed Strange repeatedly on Twitter over the past week; Strange is also backed by Mitch McConnell, who sees him as more of a team player in his caucus than either Brooks or Moore would be. (Case in point, both of the latter have endorsed ending the filibuster for legislation, something McConnell and a majority of the Senate oppose.)
Alabama US Senate Republican Primary
Roy S Moore (Republican) 38.9% 162,570
Luther Strange (Republican) 32.8% 136,910
Mo Brooks (Republican) 19.7% 82,363
Trip Pittman (Republican) 6.9% 28,846
Randy Brinson (Republican) 0.6% 2,601
Bryan Peeples (Republican) 0.4% 1,546
Mary Maxwell (Republican) 0.4% 1,526
James Beretta (Republican) 0.3% 1,057
Dom Gentile (Republican) 0.1% 299
Joseph F Breault (Republican) 0.1% 248

Curtis wins Republican primary in Utah, favored to replace Chaffetz

The mayor in the Mormon stronghold of Provo won a three-way Republican primary Tuesday in the race to replace former Rep. Jason Chaffetz, putting him on track to clinch the congressional seat in the general election in the overwhelming GOP district.

John Curtis pulled off the win despite being dogged by attack ads from deep-pocketed outside groups in a race whose three candidates were emblematic of the divisions roiling the GOP under President Donald Trump.

Curtis is a former Democrat who was the most moderate of the Republican candidates running in Utah’s 3rd Congressional District, which Chaffetz represented until June when he abruptly resigned, citing a desire to spend more time with family.

I pray my journey home comes soon.
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