Murkowski’s Planned Parenthood Pandering

Murkowski PP

Alaska’s Republican Senator Murkowski says she voted against the skinny repeal of Obamacare to protect Planned Parenthood’s federal funding. According to her, it was a vote “for the people of Alaska.”

I googled “Planned Parenthood clinics in Alaska” and learned there are only four in the whole of our largest state. Then, I googled “public women’s health clinics in Alaska” and got 20 hits that were not Planned Parenthood clinics. Nine of the second set serve communities that Planned Parenthood does not. Only one of the PP clinics serves an area that didn’t show up in the public health clinics list.

I was unable to find out if Planned Parenthood has donated to Murkowski.


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  1. The number of “clinics” may be small, but I’d wager the checks she gets from PP are not.

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