Google: Where IT stands for Incompetent Techs

Google sucks

It seems that some guy at Google wrote a memo suggesting they hire people who actually knew how to do their jobs rather than by whether or not their race, gender, or sexual orientation helped Google meet its diversity goals.

He got fired for suggesting such a politically incorrect idea.

The fact that Google hires incompetents over skilled IT people explains a lot about why my Gmail and Google search and Google maps keep hanging up!

I guess that whenever my work day is disrupted because something Google-y isn’t working, I should be content and warmed right down to my cockles knowing that the incompetents I can’t SEE or TALK to or even EMAIL are DIVERSE.

Like THAT’s going to happen.




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4 responses to “Google: Where IT stands for Incompetent Techs

  1. The conclusion of his email was to suggest that people be treated as individuals rather than groups. Such heresy cannot be permitted.


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    Some women who work at Google stayed home on Monday because the memo made them ‘uncomfortable going back to work.’

    Feministas: “We’re every bit as good as men! Except when we get our feelings hurt by a MEMO and have to take a whole day off to sprawl on our swooning couches and dab lavender oil on our temples. THEN, we are delicate princesses who need the Big Strong Boss to beat up the bully for us!”