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Please continue

The irony is strong with this one.

Clemson U

I’m glad the professor freely admits that transgenders are disabled. This allows me to skip the first obvious point, so I can move on to the other two obvious points.

I.e., the Nazi eugenics program involved MURDERING disabled people, while Trump merely says (correctly) that they do not belong in the military where it MATTERS that all the bodies be as close to perfect as possible.

But, please, dear professor, continue talking.  I’m sure other parents would benefit from learning what kind of “education” their kids would get at Clemson.


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Murkowski’s Planned Parenthood Pandering

Murkowski PP

Alaska’s Republican Senator Murkowski says she voted against the skinny repeal of Obamacare to protect Planned Parenthood’s federal funding. According to her, it was a vote “for the people of Alaska.”

I googled “Planned Parenthood clinics in Alaska” and learned there are only four in the whole of our largest state. Then, I googled “public women’s health clinics in Alaska” and got 20 hits that were not Planned Parenthood clinics. Nine of the second set serve communities that Planned Parenthood does not. Only one of the PP clinics serves an area that didn’t show up in the public health clinics list.

I was unable to find out if Planned Parenthood has donated to Murkowski.


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Google: Where IT stands for Incompetent Techs

Google sucks

It seems that some guy at Google wrote a memo suggesting they hire people who actually knew how to do their jobs rather than by whether or not their race, gender, or sexual orientation helped Google meet its diversity goals.

He got fired for suggesting such a politically incorrect idea.

The fact that Google hires incompetents over skilled IT people explains a lot about why my Gmail and Google search and Google maps keep hanging up!

I guess that whenever my work day is disrupted because something Google-y isn’t working, I should be content and warmed right down to my cockles knowing that the incompetents I can’t SEE or TALK to or even EMAIL are DIVERSE.

Like THAT’s going to happen.



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John Oliver’s Border Patrol Fallacies

Aug 7, 2017: A rebuttal to John Oliver’s viral video, breaking down his logical fallacies and exposing his outright lies. At the end, Crowder makes the excellent point that the Left’s agenda is largely aimed at destroying the United States of America.

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Impeachment and Other Liberal Fantasies

The hosts on Redeye Radio overnight yesterday played a cut from some idiot Democrat pundit claiming the party will seize on Trump’s unpopularity to gain the majority in the House in 2018 and “Gasoline” Maxine Waters will be the Speaker. It is hard to imagine anyone more corrupt, amoral, or more fit for residence in a facility for the criminally insane than Nancy Pelosi, but this racist tramp certainly fills the bill. Apparently the Democrat party has devolved into a herd of braying jackasses without humanity and only desiring to control the country until they run it into ruin.

Waters has been screaming incoherently about impeaching the president almost from the day he was elected. You can get away with that when you have a district of single-IQ voters who have re-elected you 22 times based on nothing more than the fact you’re black. Never mind you’ve steered millions to your husband’s bank or paid your daughter 3/4 of a million to mail campaign flyers. They don’t care; steal all the white man’s money you can.

The problem is they believe all the polls showing Trump’s approval rating at about 30%. Polls can be made to show anything, depending on who’s taking them but if they actually try to remove a sitting president based solely on the fact they have a personal animus toward him they may find the going rather difficult.

Is Mueller’s Grand Jury Impeachment Step One?
Sometimes, however, to vote yea or nay on a proposed indictment is not the grand jury’s only option. In certain situations, federal law authorizes a grand jury to file a report detailing its findings, even if criminal charges are not forthcoming. One such situation involves investigations of public officials. Instead of returning an indictment, a grand jury may issue a report that recommends an official’s removal from office.


Rep. Maxine Waters: Trump ‘Believes in Nothing’ and Will Be Impeached by December

“I think he believes in nothing,” Waters said. “I think that he cares about nothing. I think that he’s capable of doing outrageous things.”

“I believe it is possible to impeach him,” she said. “How long is it going to take? I don’t know, but I give it to about December.”

The interviewer then reminded her that the vice president would then become president.

“Could be and we’ll get him next,” she replied.


Maxine Waters Won’t Rule Out All-Black Party

Waters joined “The Breakfast Club” radio show on Monday morning and was asked if it was time for black people to form their own political party.

“No, not at this point,” Waters said. “You have to show that you’re willing and you’re able to put the numbers together and exercise your influence.”

“We still are not voting our influence yet,” she continued. “What we should do is organize our power, exercise our power, particularly in the Democratic Party because that’s where most of us are.”

Waters then suggested that when black people are “strong enough” they may branch out into their own party.


Michael Moore Proposes Plea Deal: Resign and Your Kids Won’t Be ‘Thrown in Jail’

On Friday, anti-Trump activist film producer Michael Moore proposed a plea deal he says only a “malignant narcissist” would turn down.

In a Twitter post, Moore implied that President Donald Trump could trade his presidency for his children’s freedom.

Moore suggested that Trump would be “a malignant narcissist” if he didn’t agree to resign in exchange for criminal investigation and prosecution of his children being dropped – apparently, referring to Democrats’ push for a probe into potential Russian interference in U.S. elections.




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