Al is wrong (again)

Climate 30 years

During a town hall event on CNN Tuesday night, former Vice President Al Gore told a Catholic priest that tackling man-made global warming is “not a political issue, it is a moral and spiritual issue.”

I would agree that “tackling man-made global warming” WOULD be a moral and spiritual issue IF it were actually happening AND IF it were an actual crisis AND IF man could affect it.

But those three “ifs” would ALL have to be true! And none of them are political, moral or spiritual.  They are all historical and/or scientific.

I can’t agree that global warming is a crisis, because our climate has been significantly warmer in the past and we have good evidence that, during that period, humanity flourished.

And, since there is very little scientific evidence that man impacts climate significantly (if at all), climate activism is clearly not moral, spiritual, historical, or scientific.  It’s entirely POLITICAL.



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  1. Pistol Pete

    Gore: ‘I think I carried Florida’

    “Actually, I think I carried Florida,” a smiling Gore retorted. “But that’s another — we won’t go there.”

    Maher agreed that Gore won the hotly-contested state and its 25 electoral votes at the time.

    “That’s right, OK, there you go. I think you do did, too.”

    The 2000 vote in the Sunshine State was settled in Bush’s favor weeks after the election on Dec. 12, with the former Texas governor winning by a margin of 537 votes after the Supreme Court stopped a recount by a 5-4 vote. Gore conceded the following day.


  2. Al is wrong (again)

    This headline is #FakeNews misleading propaganda!

    It leaves open for inference that Al was ever not wrong.

    It ought to be,

    Al is wrong (still)!


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