They’ve know this for a HUNDRED YEARS?!

Well, dayum! “Eat less, move more” DOESN’T WORK for weight loss! FASTING works, because that’s the way God designed our bodies. And, no, you aren’t going to burn protein. Nor will your body go into starvation mode.

One of the things he explains that really interests me is this … “Eat less, move more” causes your metabolism to DROP. IOW, the number of calories you burn just by existing goes DOWN. This is the reason people plateau and then start gaining weight again. However, FASTING has the opposite effect. Your metabolism actually INCREASES, so you burn more calories just by existing.

Honestly, this is the first time I’ve ever seriously considered fasting. This doctor not only speaks “lay person” really well, but also he’s quite funny about it. If you care at all about your excess blubber, this is very well worth watching.


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2 responses to “They’ve know this for a HUNDRED YEARS?!

  1. freedom1781

    I’ve never fasted before even though my church does the Daniel fast every January. I don’t have the willpower to complete a fast, but I need to lose weight so badly that I just may try it.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I’ve decided to do a liquid fast on Fridays. He says you just have to stay under 500 calories per day to get the benefits. I’m particularly interested in boosting my metabolism. It would be nice to feel more energetic! It feels right to combine it with our ordinary Friday devotion (no meat from midnight to midnight). I started today and am praying for a very special intention whenever I feel yucky or tempted. So far, so good. It’s noon and I’m not even hungry!

      These are the liquids I chose.
      Breakfast: Kefir (2 oz) 35 cal
      Lunch: Bone broth (8 oz) 45 cal
      Dinner: Kombucha (6 oz mine) 40 cal
      After meals: ACV (2 TB) with supp x 3 = 9 cal
      Between meals: Water and teas as desired. Plain tea is only 2 cal per 8 oz.
      Apple or orange juice (2 oz) 28 cal
      Carrot juice (2 oz) 23 cal
      Mean Green juice (2 oz) 8 cal

      Processed beverages all have the calories on the label. I juice my own, but you can get the calories for practically anything just by googling (“calories in ___”). The 2 oz thing above is a shot glass. I am sipping slowly to make it last. I ordinarily have 6 oz of my home brewed kombucha with dinner and my mugs hold 8 oz. I already asked for a home carbonater for our anniversary. Now I want it even more. Fizzy water would be a great addition to my fast days. 🙂