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I absolutely 100% support President Trump’s recent announcement that trannies will be banned from military service. Period.

I tried to enlist in the Army once upon a long time ago. I never got past the first interview, because I needed allergy shots. The recruiter said a soldier who needed shots just to function was a liability in a war zone. I thought it was a very fair point.

And I thought of it again when my uniformed kids who qualified got free laser surgery.  So when the Obama administration got all fuzzy-wuzzy about trannies in the military, I was appalled.

The idea that taxpayers should foot the huge bill for all the counseling, hormones, surgery, and down time for a soldier to change genders made zero sense to me. Plus, they need hormone treatments daily! I just needed an allergy shot every other week. Sheesh.

2017_07 26 All that matters tweet

J.R. Saltzman’s comments support my own feelings. His full string of tweets are at the Twitchy link posted below.

2017_07 26 Saltzman tweets

As for the trannies who say they have been or are in the military … the nation does NOT owe you a military career.  If you’re such an overwhelmingly super duper asset that some CO is willing to put up with your gender issues, then God bless you.  Otherwise, you can and should be replaced.

If you want to let President Trump you support his decision, go here to sign the petition.


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