Oh my word!

On the EXACT SAME DAY, the Boston Globe sneered at Mitt Romney’s vacation, while Vanity Fair praised Barack Obama’s!

Both of these men are independently wealthy, private citizens. Why on God’s green earth should their summer vacations qualify as news?

2017_07 25 Boston Globe Romney waterski

2017_07 25 Vanity Fair praises Obama vacays



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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Signs of the End Times?

    In Sweden, a Salvation Army-run preschool has been forbidden to allow children to thank God before eating snacks. The kiddies now have to sing thanks “to the sun, the rain, and the food.”

    In London, an Orthodox Jewish school faces possible closure for refusing to teach girls as young as three about transgenderism.

    And in Canada, Christian schools have had the LGBT and pro-abortion agendas foisted on them as well.