Charlie Gard: The Face of Single Payer Health Care

Whenever a Democrat tries to convince you that single payer is the only humane system, REMEMBER CHARLIE GARD!

2017_07 24 Charlie Gard family

He who holds the gold makes the rules. With single payer, unelected bean counters and judges with who-knows-what political and religious agendas hold the gold.

For five months, Charlie Gard’s parents have been fighting a legal battle with the British single payer system to be ALLOWED to take their son out of the country for experimental treatment.

They had the money. They had TWO hospitals – in the U.S. and the Vatican – offering to take him. The U.S. even offered him citizenship.

The courts said no, no, and more no. During all this time, Charlie’s condition has deteriorated to the point where the treatment his parents sought is no longer possible.

The parents are ending their fight and the “Great” British health care system is now free to off one of its inconvenient citizens.

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3 responses to “Charlie Gard: The Face of Single Payer Health Care

  1. I came to a similar conclusion myself (with graphic) a few weeks ago.
    Charlie Gard Should Be the Poster Child for Single Payer


  2. mamaduck27

    As a grandmother of two special needs grandchildren, this whole story makes me sick. Praying for Charlie’s swift passing now, and for his poor heartbroken parents. A thousand curses on the people and system that put them through this terrible ordeal.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I saw today they have had him baptized and are confident he’ll go to Heaven. That’s a big comfort. I also have two special needs grandchild who, thank God, have fantastic health insurance and care. My heart breaks for the Gards and families like those Trump has interviewed who got screwed out of their good insurance plans and doctors by Zerocare.