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Broken Promise

Once upon a time, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was criticized for using a private jet while campaigning against the alleged “dangers” of man-made global warming.

She responded by promising that her campaign would purchase enough offsets to make up for all the carbon her flying around was adding to the atmosphere.

That was nearly two years ago. Her campaign has yet to spend a single dollar on offsets.

2017_07 Hillary climate hypocrite


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2017_07 23 Scaramucci vs Hillary



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Patriotism Anyone

DNC adviser Zac Petkanas presumed to disparage the patriotism of Trump supporters. I don’t think “patriotism” means what he thinks it means.

2017_07 Two prez on patriotism


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Zac Petkanas: Spokesman for the Loony Left

2017_07 22 Zac Petkanas tweet - Dunkirk

2017_07 22 Zac Petkanas tweet - Service

Tucker Carlson had Zac Petkanas on his show. Petkanas called Trump a “monster” for declining to spend tax dollars providing local schools with information that is available on the internet. He also called Biology a “right wing pseudo science.”



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Yo, ABC! THIS is not NEWS!

2017_07 23 Schumer not news

So, who didn’t already know that Democrats want single payer?!

Good grief. That’s been the purpose of Obamacare from the beginning … to trash the health insurance industry and FORCE us into single payer.

In other news, water is still wet.

Also, Senator Chuck, “single payer” is the OPPOSITE of a “broader” thing. Duh.


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The Cure for Poverty

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Do Democrats Know?

2017_07 21 Do Dems know tweet

FYI: Scott Adams created Dilbert.


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Case in Point

2017_07 Female WH Press Sec


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