I’m baaaaaaack!

Sorry for disappearing and big Thank Yous and KUDOS to Pete for keeping all y’all amused and informed. I am proud and relieved to announce that my computer files are FULLY BACKED UP through 2015. Phew.

It’s boring work, which is why I’ve put it off so long. But with my new puter arriving soon, it seemed the ideal time to get a round tuit! And while I was waiting on downloads, I got the kitchen all cleaned up … it needed it badly :oP … and made progress on a new dress … also needed badly.

Today, dh moved his office A/C to my office cuz I was melting. He’s going to get a new one when he gets back from this weekend’s jaunt to his family home to celebrate mass for the repose of his dad’s soul.  (I can’t have new-new things in my part of the house.)

While he’s away, I plan to use the alone time to get caught up on-line and maybe, if my brain is up to it, dig into organizing the rest of the mess on my current computer. In the meantime, here are four flicks I’ve seen recently that I think are worth your time.

MOVIE Collateral Beauty


MOVIE My All American

MOVIE The Shack


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