Stilton’s Take on Donald Jr Story

2017_07 14 No dirt on Hillary by Stilton

We’re not delving deeply into the latest developments of this cockeyed non-story, but we just thought it was worth mentioning that Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian attorney with whom Donald Trump Jr. briefly met, must have been living in a Siberian cave for the last couple of decades if she wasn’t able to offer up some plausible dirt on Hillary.

Seriously, if we’d met with Trump Jr, we could have talked for hours about Hillary’s myriad scandals and misdeeds.

The fact that Veselnitskaya couldn’t and didn’t only lends additional credibility to the idea that she was more likely an operative representing Loretta Lynch and Barack Obama than Vladimir Putin. Just days before she embarked on her lobbying campaign, Veselnitskaya was cleared by the Obama Justice Department to enter the United States without a visa.


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