This is the real face of single-payer health care

2017_07 Charlie Gard

Great Britain has nationalized health care. The government pays for any and all health care that British citizens are permitted to receive.

And, because he who has the gold makes the rules, the British government is in charge of deciding what, when, where, why, how, and whether any citizen gets any particular service.

Charlie Gard is a British citizen. British doctors want to turn off his life support.  A British court has ruled they can do this despite his parents’ wishes.

Last week, the European Court of Human Rights ruled against his parents’ appeal to take him to the U.S.

His parents raised £1.3 million on a crowdfunding site for his care. The British courts said that didn’t matter. British citizens are not allowed to have privately funded health care, because that wouldn’t be FAIR.

The Vatican hospital has invited Charlie to come to Rome for care. The British courts have ruled that for “legal reasons”, the baby cannot be allowed to leave the country.

World leaders including U.S. President Donald Trump and Pope Francis have offered their support for British infant Charlie Gard, but his own prime minister, Theresa May, declined to intervene on his behalf.

Until President Trump tweeted about Charlie’s plight, the major networks refused to report his story.

Supporters who run two prominent social media pages for Charlie say they are being censored by Facebook and Twitter.  Messages are being marked as spam and the hashtag #SaveCharlieGard has been suspended.


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One response to “This is the real face of single-payer health care

  1. It would be bad enough if the system simply refused to pay: “It’s experimental. It’s too costly”
    But to stand in the way of his parents taking him to seek treatment elsewhere is unconscionable.
    As I have said in another place, Charlie Gard should be the poster child for Single Payer.

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