The world’s greatest provocateur

There are many discussions about the President Trump “wrestling” CNN tweet, but it’s time to get to the heart of the matter: that the tweet was brilliant, anticipating a ridiculously overwrought reaction by the legacy media, and boy, did they deliver.

It’s one thing to say the media is fake and can’t be trusted, and quite another to show it to the American people. So consumed with their loathing of the president, some in the legacy media can’t see past themselves and did exactly what you’d expect the pathologically obsessed to do: pathologically obsess.

While everyone else was laughing at the tweet of a staged pro-wrestling stunt from years ago, various CNN news actors insisted their lives were now at risk. This proved the president’s point that the network is not serious, on a singular mission to destroy the president, and ergo can’t be trusted to report what really matters to the American people.

The president remains one step ahead of those who work to harm his ability to do his job, creating an environment where the American people can decide for themselves who they can trust. And it’s apparently not the media. A new NPR/PBS/Marist poll found just 30 percent of Americans have trust in the media, which is double-digits lower than the president’s latest Rasmussen approval rating.

There is another revelation brought to us by the absurd reaction by the mainstream media: their hypocrisy.

We’ve been told for weeks that a play in Central Park featuring the slaughter of Mr. Trump was “just art.”

Just after Kathy Griffin, who worked for CNN at the time, distributed a picture of her holding up a bloody, decapitated head of Mr. Trump ISIS-style, CNN’s Jake Tapper hosted a panel which insisted it was much ado about nothing. …

Well, fast forward just a few weeks, and CNN suddenly does care, and did find time to accuse the president of inciting violence against them — because of a staged wrestling meme where their logo gets jumped. Got it.

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  1. He is brilliant at creating the kind of environment that causes the corrupt to expose themselves. Rather amazing but not so amazing as his wonderful speech in Poland on saving Western Civilization that was pro-life, pro-family, and pro-traditional values. Music to my ears.

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