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Tucker mocks Gov. Christie’s sun-tastic hypocrisy

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Once again …

… the Left’s real life behavior makes satirizing them practically impossible.

2017_07 05 CNN tweet


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NYT buries the lede

Heads up, you stoopid right-wing, Christian, Trump supporters!

2017_07 04 NYT headline

Oh wait.

2017_07 05 NYT para 10



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Ruh Roh!

Some guy made a GIF showing Trump wrestling with CNN and posted it on Reddit.

CNN got their tender, thin-skinned panties in a bunch, tracked the guy down, and forced him to publish an apology!

Notice how they say “Exclusive”, like they’re PROUD of the fact that their multi-billion dollar conglomerate targeted a private citizen for posting a funny piece of political satire on the internet.

2017_07 04 CNN exclusive tweet

CNN also threatened to dox* the offender if he should ever step one toe out of line again.

2017_07 04 CNN threatens dox

*dox (däks) search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.

IOW, “We accept your apologies but reserve the right to completely ruin your life.”

And the media wonders why we hate them.

Hey CNN, did you check with your legal department before you threatened to dox this guy? Ummmmmm … that would be a no.

Ted Cruz posted the following in a series of tweets:

Troubling. I assume CNN’s lawyers are examining GA § 16-8-16 Theft by extortion. If CNN constructively obtained the gif-maker’s IP, it’s a GA crime if they threatened to “Disseminate any information tending to subject any person to hatred, contempt, or ridicule.”

Another relevant crim law: NY § 135.60: “A person is guilty of coercion in the second degree when he…induces a person to abstain from engaging in conduct in which he…has a legal right to engage…by means of instilling…a fear…the actor will expose a secret or publicize an asserted fact, whether true or false, tending to subject some person to hatred, contempt or ridicule.”

Plus, the guy CNN targeted was apparently not the person who originated the content. According to an investigation by BuzzFeed, the original piece was a YouTube video with audio. The guy CNN targeted turned part of it into a GIF.

Even worse, it seems that CNN knew the GIF wasn’t the original, but they couldn’t find whoever made the YouTube video, so they stomped their big old jackboot down on the neck of the GIF maker.

CNN used to be about journalism. Now it’s just a fascist organization publishing left-wing agitprop.*

*agitprop: political (originally communist) propaganda.


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People will die!

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Midnight at Midsummer in Alaska

A photo from the Buzz Family.

2017_06 30 Midnight at midsummer in AK

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Just some stuff while I take a break

Backing up my computer is so booooooooooooooooooring. Hope y’all had a good 4th! We had superb weather and a relaxing day. The kids called and sent pics of their kids. What else do two old farts like us need? NOTHING. 🙂

2017_07 03 Trump Truman by Terrell

OBAMA // When Donald Trump won the election last fall, many people wondered if Obama would be as courteous as his predecessor George W. Bush. Would Obama be able to fade into the background and stay out of policy debates? Now we know the answer is no. The spotlight is simply too alluring for Obama, who revels in attention. http://legalinsurrection.com/2017/07/obama-is-trying-to-undermine-trump/

NORKS // Communist North Korea successfully test-launched an intercontinental ballistic missile, U.S. officials confirm. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2017/07/04/north-korea-claims-to-have-test-launched-its-first-icbm.html

CHARLIE GARD // President Trump tweets support for very sick baby Charlie Gard. “If we can help little Charlie Gard, as per our friends in the U.K. and the Pope, we would be delighted to do so,” Trump said. The parents have raised $1.8 million to bring him to the United States, but British courts refuse to allow the move and have ordered him taken off life support. http://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/trump-tweets-support-terminally-sick-baby-charlie-gard-n779271?cid=sm_npd_nn_fb_nn

CHARLIE GARD // British doctors won’t let Charlie Gard travel to Rome to the Pope’s hospital for care. This is just bizarre, and sickening. Remember this case when people push for government-run single payer health care. https://cruxnow.com/vatican/2017/07/04/popes-hospital-says-uk-doctors-wont-let-charlie-gard-travel-care/

ANTI-CATHOLIC // Boston Public Library has blasphemous drag queen “nuns” read to children to close out “Pride Month.” https://churchpop.com/2017/07/02/boston-library-has-anti-catholic-drag-queens-read-to-children-for-pride-month/

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Media Assassins Claim Another Scalp

In case you haven’t heard yet,CNN,the ‘most trusted name in news’ was so incensed by the trump bodyslam video they found the Reddit user claiming responsibility for it and threatened to out him if he didn’t apologize.It took less than 24 hours.Consider:they’ve searched desperately for 8 months for any kind of evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia…nothing.Still,Obama hack Robert Meuller has assembled an all star team of political assassins to find anything to charge him with.

CNN Hunts Down Guy Who Made Trump Slamming CNN Logo GIF, Gets Him To Apologize Or Be Doxxed
2 minute rant – CNN Threatens to Dox a private citizen and the internet is furious – #CNNBlackmail

How CNN found the Reddit user behind the Trump wrestling GIF

The apology came after CNN’s KFile identified the man behind “HanA**holeSolo.” Using identifying information that “HanA**holeSolo” posted on Reddit, KFile was able to determine key biographical details, to find the man’s name using a Facebook search and ultimately corroborate details he had made available on Reddit.

On Monday, KFile attempted to contact the man by email and phone but he did not respond. On Tuesday, “HanA**holeSolo” posted his apology on the subreddit /The_Donald and deleted all of his other posts.

How CNN threatened to dox the WWE Trump meme creator

CNN Blackmails Source of Donald Trump Wrestling Video

CNN is not publishing “HanA**holeSolo’s” name because he is a private citizen who has issued an extensive statement of apology, showed his remorse by saying he has taken down all his offending posts, and because he said he is not going to repeat this ugly behavior on social media again. In addition, he said his statement could serve as an example to others not to do the same.

CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change.

Critics pounced on CNN’s decision:



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