The Latest Victim Group: Journalist-Americans

Let’s replace Jim Acosta with Elmo … plus, Sean Spicer doing interpretive dance and Elmo rescuing CNN from a black hole. ROFLL

BTW, the Elmo interview is a real thing. Mark Dice said of it, “At least they weren’t using an anonymous source.”

CNN Turns Elmo into Propaganda Puppet by Todd Starnes


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2 responses to “The Latest Victim Group: Journalist-Americans

  1. Pistol Pete

    ‘Dammit! Come on! You’re inflaming everybody!’ Playboy’s White House reporter blasts Trump spokeswoman in clash over CNN’s retracted ‘fake news’ story

    Journalist yelled ‘Dammit!’ and launched into tirade about the Trump administration ‘inflaming’ Americans with claims of ‘fake news’
    Playboy magazine later claimed the reporter was its White House correspondent
    CNN retracted a story on Friday that falsely linked a Trump associate with a Russian investment fund, giving the administration new ammunition
    Brian Karem of the tiny Maryland-based Sentinel newspapers laid into deputy White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Tuesday, interrupting her with a loud ‘Dammit!’ to push back against her claims about anti-Trump ‘fake news’

    Morning Joe Applauds Reporter Who Confronted Trump Spox Huckabee Sanders

    Want to become an MSM hero? Confront the Trump administration

    Appearing on Morning Joe today, Karem received a hero’s welcome. As he was introduced, someone exclaimed “well done!” and there was even a smattering of applause. At the end of the segment, after Karem pleaded for the media to “stand up” to the Trump admin, Mika Brzezinski concluded, “and stand with you. Brian Karem: amen—to everything you said.”


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Yes, MSM … by all means, listen to MIKA and keep on doing what you’re doing, cuz you know, MIKA and all the other DNC shills like her got Trump elected once and we’d like it to happen again.