The Fundamental Difference

  • When Progressives protest, they vandalize the protested.
  • When Conservatives protest, they buy stuff from the protested.

2017_06 26 Trump protest at Starbucks

After a Trump supporter complained that she had been ridiculed by the staff at Starbucks, more than 50 T-shirt wearing Trump backers staged a peaceful gathering, filling chairs, tables and even the parking lot at one point.

While it has been described as a sit-in, the crowd was made up of paying customers and not just “people who were filling chairs.”

“We wanted the staff to see that Trump supporters are just as human as anyone else,” one guy said. “We live in a diverse city. It’s unacceptable in a modern society to make a customer feel uncomfortable, whether it’s a liberal business mistreating a conservative customer or a conservative business mistreating a liberal customer.”


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