Trump 9, Lefties 0

Trump won bigly when the Supreme Court UNANIMOUSLY agreed to substantially lift the injunctions until they can hear the Trump Travel Order cases.

The Constitution gives POTUS the statutory power to exclude persons from the U.S. The lower courts effectively took that power away, and substituted their own judgments as to security threats.

Lefties are whining about how this isn’t America, or something. Puh-leeze. When even the most Leftie justices on the Supreme Court vote with the majority, you should wake up and smell the coffee.

2017_06 27 SCOTUS 9-0 by Terrell


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3 responses to “Trump 9, Lefties 0

  1. chrissythehyphenated


    The 9th Circuit Court (which covers California) slapped injunctions on both of Trump’s travel orders, because they allegedly discriminate against Muslims.

    But the State of California thinks it A-OK to BAN TRAVEL by state employees to states that have adopted laws to protect the religious freedom of those who oppose gay marriage. I.e., Alabama, Kentucky, South Dakota, Texas, Tennessee, Kansas, Mississippi, and North Carolina.

    Besides being flaming hypocrites, the nuts and berries who rule California apparently don’t know that Islam isn’t just opposed to gay marriage. It favors the death penalties for homosexuality.

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