When did Europe become Islam’s battered wife?!

Left-wing extremists carried out 27 attacks in Europe in 2016. Right-wing extremists carried out one.

In Germany, police recently raided the homes of 36 people accused of posting hate speech on social media. Thirty-three of the 36 raids concerned right-wing speech.

Muslims committed 135 out of the 142 terror-related deaths in Europe in 2016.

In England, supporters of Hezbollah publicly called for the annihilation of Israel without suffering any repercussions, while a man who posted anti-Muslim comments on Facebook was sentenced to prison.

When did Europe become Islam's battered wife

Why do victims stay in abusive relationships?

  • Victims feel they deserve the abuse. They believe things will get better if they just behave better.
  • Some abusive relationships are life threatening.  Victims fear that standing up for themselves will get them killed.
  • Society pressures people to be in a perfect relationship. Victims fear being judged, blamed, marginalized, or pitied if they say they are being abused.



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